1. For 7zip you'll need to use 7z for that and output to the terminal:

  2. Hard to say about difficulty, but oscp requires much more work/study than gcih.

  3. Create a shadow volume and copy the Sam file from it. Defender should not consider it as harmful.

  4. You need Pulseaudio for microphone support in FF, either by itself or in its emulated form through Pipewire. So, in my specified use case, I need them both.

  5. I'm using pipework with pipewire-alsa without pulse, and Firefox built without pulse. Never had audio issues.

  6. Do you happen to use a microphone in the browser? I have been unable to get mics working without Pulseaudio, and

  7. Oh, I have to say that I didn't use the mic for a long time. It was working at one time, but actually no idea if it still works. ( I dislike calls/talking on the computer, I always use my phone for that).

  8. Only if you change default use flags or if apply custom patches.

  9. Idk what I'm doing wrong but librewolf compiles with lto and only ads a minute on top of the 15 minutes compile time without lto.

  10. Are you building with GCC or clang? I think I always built Firefox with clang.

  11. Yes, Arch is easier than Gentoo. Gentoo has a pretty steep learning curve. Arch is not easy, but Gentoo has this whole other complexity to it due to the use flags and it's more high maintenance due to you having to compile most of the software.

  12. There is no really night time quiet time in Switzerland. You're not allowed to do "excessive noise" being night or day or whatever time.

  13. IIRC uid was historically limited to 65536. Nowadays it should be 4 billions (16 bits -> 32 bits).

  14. Ah, thank you! Sorry if it was a stupid question, I'm eager to learn but Linux is still pretty much alien to me! XD

  15. Cvss is supposed to rate the vulnerability itself, and not the surrounding elements.

  16. For Nvidia it’s pretty obvious. imagine if the drivers were open source and AMD could look at the code for DLSS or GSYNC. It would make it a lot easier for AMD to make their own implementation of these technologies

  17. That's a misbelief, AMD has FSR, it is really good, as good as DLSS. And it is open source and working on non AMD GPU.

  18. The problem is that FSR runs on any GPU. DLSS is supposed to be an incentive for people to buy NVIDIA GPUs, and making it open could let people port it to AMD or old NVIDIA GPUs.

  19. Going exclusive market is a risky business. You may burn your wings. Apple does it and they are quite successful. But Nvidia is in a very different ecosystem, they were doing ok because they were dominating they GPU business, but AMD is back on track. It is too early to say for sure, but predictions are not really towards Nvidia.

  20. Check the ps command, ps -aux should give you all processes.

  21. till where i understand . ps aux isn`t real time right ?

  22. It depends what you mean with "realtime". It does give a "realtime" snapshot of all processes running at the time of running ps.

  23. Up to 26 variable names are easy, if you need more you're in trouble :grin::grin::laughing::laughing:

  24. Not really, Linux in general has a very large adoption and is already heavily targeted.

  25. Yes, I was talking about this. Non tech savvy users with root access to their machines (almost all desktop users have root access to the system) can fall to install sketchy packages from sketchy repos, or even malware sneaking in the oficial repos. If there have been poisoned commits to the linux kernel itself I can imagine that giving the enormous amount of packages being updated and added to the repos, it's easier that something inappropriate goes through the filter if more people are trying hard to do it.

  26. I'm more concerned about vulnerabilities in the Linux Desktop.

  27. All the standard issues with running your user account as a superuser in the first place - it's much easier to breach a user account than it is the entire computer, generally, so you're massively expanding attack surfaces before we get into PEBKAC issues of you breaking your own machine (it's not you, we all do it now and then).

  28. Yea, got it. Not sure what was different about the first 2 times I did that, maybe I needed to read it on reddit for it to work. Thanks, earthling

  29. Did you log out and log back in? user group membership changes only take effect when the user's session is restarted.

  30. People in office settings have difficulty using Windows.

  31. Linux is actually much easier for beginners than windows. I mean for people that never touched a computer before.

  32. I'm actually trying to say the same thing. Just not in a country where you go to court just like that. But they don't sue because it's Linux, they sue because it is different from what they are used too.

  33. I would also recommend the tarantula be completely dried, otherwise it may (will) continue to decompose inside the resin.

  34. indeed you are correct, this is only possible with luks1 and luks1 has disadvantages in terms of security over luks2.

  35. Grub is only compatible with luks1 (and limited to certain cipher/key derivation setup). However, this can be implemented with luks2 when getting rid of grub.

  36. Afaik alsa is not officially supported anymore (quite some time already, first Google says since 52). They didn't drop the feature, but alsa related bugs probably won't get fixed (except maybe if a non-mozilla developer submits a patch).

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