1. Id like to point out that I would absolutely love to f**k up mr winky that guy is a snake

  2. Busted Stuff is really what sold me on DMB along with the first big 3. I fell instantly in love with the 12 string tone in songs like Grey Street and Bartender. Not a single bad song on this album. Will always be my #1

  3. no idea but would definitely be sick if there was

  4. dopapod could easily be a headliner at this point

  5. Got Lizards my 3rd show. Icculus my 10th, NYE was my 14th. Still no LxL

  6. i don’t think u know what op is asking lol

  7. Folsom, Rio in 08, and the night after Roi died.

  8. i didn’t fall in love with dmb at first. wasnt until the last chorus of Typical (flute solo) that really did it for me.

  9. Dogs in a mf Pile gonna tear that shiz up as usual

  10. Christmas by Blues Traveler. They play the melody to Divided Sky in it.

  11. Vampire Weekend, 311, Wilco, Real Estate, Mattson 2, White Denim, Mars Volta (current lineup)

  12. this and “at least i have some” ventus bbs

  13. Madmen's Eyes is awesome and has become a great live song. Walk around the Moon and The Only Thing stink. Ocean and Butterfly is fine, nothing special.

  14. The Only Thing is sick lol buddys synth solo goes crazy. Im sure break free will be on there but probably not break for it. No way SU&D will be on there.

  15. A synth solo is what we are getting pumped for now? The lyrics are awful. Especially when he shoehorns "aleeeeeeeee-eeeeee-nnnnnns" in to finish the verses.

  16. yes. we are stoked for the heady synth solo. im not sure why you care so much about lyrics for a song by a band that improvises a ton of lyrics in new songs lmao

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