1. Then I'll compensate in another way. Not giving up Cozens or Krebs.

  2. A Tkachuck offer would be similar to an Eichel offer

  3. Mitchell Miller, he was drafted in the 4th round by Arizona in 2020, then he was found delinquent in a juvenile court. He and a friend were found guilty of forcing a developmentally disabled African-American kid to eat a piece of candy they wiped inside a urinal. They repeatedly bullies and called the victim the N word and there is video surveillance of them beating on the kid.

  4. Sure, but honestly it would make more sense with Lambert at 16 and Kulich at 28

  5. the nerds shucked baseball into the souless, empty husk that it is presently and now they are coming for hockey.

  6. Yea that’s how you use numbers to build a better hockey team. Good.

  7. Peterka isn’t a C, Cozens, Krebs and Mitts all have looked better on the wing, Asplund was a C up until the NHL, so I could see him moving back.

  8. If there is any truth to this, it tells me we’re probably not taking lambert. I feel we’re going 2F 1D and 1 of our Fs is going to be a ceiling pick(Yurov, Lambert, Miro) and one is more of a safe pick.

  9. I am not a scout, but everything I’ve read about Lambert makes him sound like Grigorenko 2.0. I think Adams, much like Yzerman, has “his guys” and won’t draft a faller unless you’re getting great value. So if he’s still available with our 3rd first, it wouldn’t surprise me to see KA take him there. I don’t expect him to be there but Kaliyev is somewhat comparable IMO as far as draft position

  10. To me Lambert reminds me of honestly Josh Allen where he’s super BOOM or BUST.

  11. I feel like Brad Lambert is a firm candidate for being a top 5 pick a few years after when redraft posts are made.

  12. I've seen as high as 5 and as low as end of the 1st round

  13. Why? If we got another Eichel trade for a guy we drafted in they 4th last year I’d need to call a doctor after 4 hours

  14. Confused how denault, kopitar, lindholm, barkov, and hintz (maybe homer idk) aren’t on this list (2/5 are selke finalists lmao)

  15. Because the selke is who puts up a lot of points is decent defensively, not the best true defensive forward. Other than Bergeron

  16. You need to shutdown Connor McDavid. Your choices are Rasmus Asplund, Phillip Tomasino, or Phillip Danault. Who are you taking?

  17. Johan Larsson because he’s McDavid kryptonite

  18. I don’t get how the scouts are reporting on Lambert at all. Some have him in the top half of the first round, some have him in the bottom half. Now some have him slipping out of the first round entirely. Why are the opinion so divergent on a kid that was top 3 a year ago?

  19. Because he has all the talent in the world but doesn’t produce and hasn’t put it all together, so what pick do you take the risk he never figures it out.

  20. I think he goes to one of the teams with multiple 1sts (Arizona, Columbus, Buffalo, Winnipeg). If you get a fantastic pick early on, taking a risk on such a talented player makes sense. If he gets his shit together, you may have one of the best picks of the draft.

  21. With miri I feel anyone after 20 who is in contender status will take a look. Toronto, Tampa or Washington specifically

  22. 31 team’s boomers are PISSED. He’s a good checking line forward but every fan base has those guys who think he’s a 6-7 million dollar player because of his grit and grind play style when really he’s a fine depth forward probably worth 3m ish.

  23. I have to find it but there was a study based on handedness and which hand is your dominant hand and how it if affects your play style. Something like those who have their dominant hand lower we’re better passers and the dominant hand higher were better shooters.

  24. I had one where they sent me an email to schedule and interview on sunday moring lol. Then the next morning on Monday they denied me the role lol.

  25. Recently I had a lovely conversation on Friday with the company’s recruiter and he said he’d reach out Monday morning to schedule an interview. Monday morning first thing I was declined.

  26. I just thought that I would relay my experience transitioning from a Data Analyst position to data scientist

  27. Over 40% salary increase. Do you already have a bachelors or is this your first?

  28. Only an associates. But I’d definitely say I have a pretty high salary for just an associates.

  29. CBJ makes a draft trade. They pick jiricek at 6 then trade 12 and foudy and maybe someone else to devils for 2nd pick and choose wright

  30. If you read down the thread on July 5th they literally discuss it…

  31. It's incredibly scummy to not source Lance for the tweet. These local guys bust their ass to get their spots. Extremely easy to put per Lance and then the info. No clue why you're defending a dude so hard for stealing info.

  32. Let’s say Lance hears it from an IT guy who happened to be in GMKAs office and saw it on a whiteboard. He then tweets it out.

  33. Using python to clean excel data is really only useful if you are getting the same files in the same format over and over again right? Python shouldn’t really be leveraged for one off cases?

  34. In my case I have weekly reports that run that always generate in the same format

  35. Am I insane or does anyone else want the Sabres to sign Kadri?

  36. So you wanna name a captain for just one year?

  37. Yea sure, if he’s the best leader on the team and deserves the C, why not? He’ll wear the C until Tuch is ready for it next year. I really don’t get why you’re against it.

  38. Just give it to Tuch now I don’t see the point. Kyle would be an A

  39. Because Ox is more deserving and a vet, I guarantee every single player in that locker room would agree

  40. I'm not a master by any means, but I got a job as python developer, that helps. I do it 40h a week now. Over time you just get better.

  41. What level of python did you know before getting that job

  42. I came from university. Nearly no exp. In programming at all. But my degree kinda sold me I guess.

  43. Aw shit. Right now I’m leveraging pandas to clean data but that’s my only python use, I’d like to get a job as a python dev for my next role

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