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  1. No. You most certainly have a smell. The thing is, your nerves get 'tired' of signaling the same thing over and over. Stare really hard at one spot on your monitor for a bit, then look at something white. You'll see a negative image of what you were looking at. This is because the nerves sending you the color signals got tired, and now their opposites are sending more powerful signals. The same thing happens with your sense of hearing, smell and even touch. So since you are CONSTANTLY smelling what comes out of your lungs, you won't be getting that signal.

  2. Probably why people with really bad BO, or people who have a dozen cats in their house never notice the smell around them.

  3. Still pretty sad that she has to travel to Indiana in the first place. Were in a backass country when poorer countries than the US don't have these kinds of problems.

  4. I went with municipal fiber in my town, I was excited by the fast speeds but the side benefits have been incredible. No mysterious fees, no attempts at upselling, rates don't adjust themselves higher every 4-5 months without a phone call, almost 100% uptime for 4-5 years. 1 gig, 50 bucks, no BS.

  5. I get daily fucking emails from spectrum trying to get me to sign up for phone and cable, and get probably 2 flyers a week in the mail for the same shit. Like, fuck off spectrum, I don't need more of your shit in my mailboxes.

  6. Why does it feel like when the Dems are out of power all they do is ask to be back in power so they can get everything and anything passed. Then once they are in power they don't do shit and the republicans win the next election and immediately start getting shit done to fuck the middle and lower class people more?

  7. Because somehow bitch McConnell will filibuster anything that comes up to vote with a D tagged to it.

  8. Because people are dumb. They get pissed off at him for shit he has no power over. Like... someone I know commented on how shitty he is because he "let roe v wade get repealed". People also get shitty about him being responsible for gas prices.

  9. Well, if this last week has taught us anything it's that the Supreme Court has carte blanche to overturn any decision they want.

  10. The biggest thing on a regular basis is the delay between the answer and her responding if it's correct or not. I legitimately don't know how it hasn't gotten better over time

  11. For me it seems like she also reads the clues too fast, I don't know how it's possible to be both, but that's how I see it.

  12. I had a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks they caught it when I started spotting. Was told to go home and hope I went into labor because insurance wouldn't cover the procedure.

  13. Oh no, they're not anti freedom, just anti you doing anything they deem immoral, that they would probably do themselves, just in secret. Hypocrites all the way down.

  14. lol how? i'm only give you one question this time so it doesn't strain your brain too hard: do conservative republicans want to repress the freedom and rights of their own American neighbors?

  15. wrong, the answer is yes, republicans are all about taking liberties away from people, its literally all they want to do. making it harder for people of color to vote, wanting to take away the rights of gay people, fucking abortion. if they could make the color blue illegal, they probably would. and all this to "own the libs." how can you say that republicans are more liberal than actual liberals? are you really that mental? commmmmmmeeeee onnnnnnn.

  16. Bees know what they need to do.

  17. Remember that asshole that bought thousands of hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves? He was selling them on amazon for 70 a pop. Eventually got raided and they stripped his storage locker while he whined about how unfair it was.

  18. If memory serves, i dont think he was "raided" and forced to give up his stash of stuff. Amazon banned him from selling it, so he donated it all to somewhere.

  19. The article was written on June 1st about the events of May 31st. That's how news sometimes works.

  20. A protest, which never breached the gates to the white house, a protest in which the president actually asked if he could just shoot the protestors with live bullets is not an insurrection.

  21. I once read a comment describing america as "The country that has freedom in a trophy case"

  22. freedom, for a limited time only, certain restrictions apply, not applicable to the poor, or minorities, see country for details

  23. You underestimate just how many red areas there are in California.

  24. Pull up a map of counties with who won the 2020 popular vote, and then overlay it with a map of major US cities, basically all the blue blue counties with correspond with the cities.

  25. I wouldn’t fuck MTG with someone else’s dick.

  26. Wasn't the Carlin joke "wouldn't fuck her with a stolen dick"?

  27. if its a strong hive, probably not likely robbing with a reducer in.

  28. i have a flag outside my house... i so want to do this, but i'm in a heavy republican area and fear i'll become a target.

  29. its pretty sad that its come to this, fear to exercise your rights as a US citizen for fear that your private property will be damaged because some rednecks are mad that you are exercising your rights as a US citizen.

  30. We have a giant banner on our local hill saying "TRUMP 1", next to a giant cross. I want to be more outward, but with kids and feeling of being a target makes me hesitate.

  31. that 1 really tells you a lot about the people who buy into this stuff

  32. D: are you kidding me? i was 12 over on the attendance ><

  33. So make them legal with a prescription, like we do with countless other substances or devices. Or limit their availability to those with a medical need. The point is that they shouldn’t be widely available, they only need to be controlled. It really isn’t that complicated.

  34. Black marker plastic straws, never thought I'd live long enough to say that.

  35. Anyone else wanna sit near the bottom and feel the light spray of water on a hot day?

  36. I did not hit her, I did not! Oh, hi Mark. Nice doggy!

  37. Gotta love when they say "radical left" without realizing that they are on the radical right while calling for people to kill others because they might be Republicans that happen to agree with some of Bidens ideas. I mean, what does "radical left" even mean, more rights for LGBTQ or even better affordable housing? Come on..

  38. ??? It's a disney movie. Who tf we suppose to bring... people from the nursing home???

  39. Hey now, I saw inside out with my parents in the theater in my early 30s...

  40. I mean, he's also got that thing where he's an overweight elderly man who thinks that exercise would deplete his body's finite supply of energy. That's a big reason why prosecuting him should be a priority, if he dies in prison that is what it is, but if he dies before trial I don't see how we could ever restore the belief that no one is above the law.

  41. Would I like to see justice and trump in jail? Yes. Will he ever see the inside of a cell, before he's dead? Probably not.

  42. Of course a Buffalo clue comes one when I'm not watching. Can't stand that Mayim woman.. please come back Ken.

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