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  1. I think you meant "strawpussy". "Bussy" means boy pussy, which means anus. But of course I know that 😂

  2. Lmao XD had no clue, just added "strawb" from strawberry and "ussy" from pussy together. XD

  3. How the fuck are there so many?! Did she just keep putting them in???

  4. are you the creator of this model? thanks. I tried to download but i get an access denied screen. XML. I tried left clicking and save file as, but the file is in kbs and definitely not the gb file it proclaims.

  5. The finetune trained on fantasy art yes, models that I merged it with, no. Merged something like 10 models together to get a little of everything, then merged it with my finetune at last.

  6. What are your thoughts on each of these? Which one would you use for remixing/generating photographs?

  7. Sorry, I don't get your question... what are my thoughts??, for generating photorealistic images I'm training a different model, which will be released soon.

  8. Sorry, thought in this case general purpose meant that it could also do more than this fantasy art style. Absolutely love it though. Going to give it a try soon. Excellent work.

  9. Thankyou! It can... you can definitely generate some decent looking photorealistic images with this model too... use "photorealistic" in the prompt and; 3d render, drawing, painting, animated... in the negative prompt.

  10. My feet twitched so hard watching this

  11. 9 year old me hoping doing this'll turn me into Spider-Man

  12. Can you share the prompts you used for the sample images? It would help for comparing with other models.

  13. You can copy generation data from

  14. Thanks, now I am wondering, is it possible to make all of this into (an embedding) ? It could be integrated to other modesl (i think)

  15. This model is the first one I ever did, this version is fairly basic; trained on ~100 images for 12k steps. So it is possible to get similar results using embeddings since not a lot is added to this model. I made it into a model because I plan to improve it (bigger data and better training), which would not be possible with embeddings.

  16. Nah seriously what are these :/

  17. I really love this look and would be keen to download the finished model.

  18. Glad you liked it! I'm planning on making a detailed video guide. Number of images were about 100, no class images, 12000 steps.

  19. I'm not sure your dataset is diverse enough to be qualified modern art in a wide sense, your images have a very similar style. I wonder what would give a model trained on diverse modern art catalogs museum's

  20. You're right. I named it so because i plan to improve the model, this is the first ever model i trained, learned a lot in the process. Next versions will be exponentially better.

  21. Cool cool! Please let us know! Would be fun to try it out! Nice work!

  22. How cherry picked are the results? They look great! Also what kind of training did you do? (Text inversion, dreambooth, fine tune?)

  23. It is a dreambooth. Not a lot i copied a few prompts from lexica and generated about 30 images in totally.

  24. Why do all of these fucking videos have to have a title telling you what the fuck to think about them? Can't we just watch the video and think for our fucking selves? Like HOLY shit I get that you watched the video, and thought "goth nightclub" about it, but jesus christ you don't have to spoon feed it to everyone else.

  25. Well atleast it doesn't say "respect"


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