1. GOOD LUCK. I have been trying to get a Sonata Hybrid Blue since May and it’s nearly impossible. I finally found one and put down a deposit to hold it for me while it was “in transit”… it’s still in the port 4 MONTHS LATER. Last week the ETA was 8/1, as of today the ETA is 8/27. The dealership has no answers. There are lots more Elantras from what I’ve seen. The dealership I’m working with now just got in a 2023 Elantra Limited last night.

  2. I've decided on the Elantra. Going in to discuss numbers tomorrow! Wish me luck. And good luck with your Sonata

  3. Where are you able to find the dub!? Been trying and I can't locate it.

  4. I'm also searching for a replacement one. Currently trying to get in touch with customer service to get a new one. Any information I get I will share here.

  5. They’re filling up jugs with water. It only makes a couple coins, but on a mass scale it’s worth it for low effort botting. They used to be in pvp worlds where there is a bank chest near the fountain in lumby.

  6. Seems like there are more and more toxic players these days. I got spawn camped and killed by guys telling me "it's sea of thieves hahaha" doesn't makes them any less jerks & they must have no power in there day to day life to spawn camp one person.

  7. That's the vibe I'm getting from some people in this thread. There's nothing against it in the rules and I wouldn't want anything to change. It just comes down to a matter of not being a jerk unnecessarily. If my ship was full of treasure I wouldn't be upset because it would make sense to sink and loot me. But with nothing on the ship it's just a dick move. That's all it will be and that's all I really am getting at.

  8. There was an unspoken rule that people running Tall Tales should be left alone. Now with the checkpoints, why?

  9. I would say that even with those it still takes time to finish them. It'll still take me the better part of an hour to finish this even with the checkpoint. Not everyone has hours upon hours to sail the seas. So when nothing is gained by sinking someone doing a tale it's still a dick move. Just screws the guy doing the tall tale over slightly less thanks to checkpoints. That's my thought on it at least.

  10. I wouldn't be surprised if it was server issues again, this sort of thing happened a few weeks ago too

  11. Do you remember if people got their gold/rep

  12. Where do you get these? I love the album art and the music as well.

  13. To those asking for the artists info my friend sent me his links!

  14. I really hope the artist benefits well from this exposure. Jokes aside, that's some legit skill.

  15. Let me try and find out who it was! Great point!

  16. Credit to the artist who made this: erorogunsou001 on reddit or Noitamina#2625 on Discord

  17. Credit to the artist who made this: erorogunsou001 on reddit or Noitamina#2625 on Discord

  18. Credit to the artist who made this: erorogunsou001 on reddit or Noitamina#2625 on Discord

  19. I have been advised that C Marjana is the best way to go. Do you have her costume?

  20. Hi! I do logos and would love to help, here's my portfolio-

  21. Hey I really think you'd be able to help me make that logo. What is your availability? I feel like this is a pretty simple design. I can also provide amplifying information as well. I can communicate via email if you prefer that as well.

  22. Hi Im Hengary, i will love to help you with your project, here is my portfolio also my instagram if you want to see more of my work, Dm me n.n

  23. Hey I really think you'd be able to help me make that logo. What is your availability? I feel like this is a pretty simple design. I can also provide amplifying information as well. I can communicate via email/skype if you prefer that as well.

  24. My neighbor got drunk one night, went to his front porch and just shot his gun aimlessly into the park across the street. This coupled with living in a higher crime area with people actually having home break-ins just made me realize that I would feel safer with a nightstand gun. The feeling of waking up to gun shots just outside and realizing you have no way of defending your family sucks. January 6th convinced me to get a long rifle, a friend convinced me to get an AK-47. Is it excessive? Maybe, but as a liberal in a deep southern red area I feel safer should things get weird.

  25. Really loved this issue. Not gonna lie I think this would've been a great second or third issue. The whole Nathan arc really dragged after issue 3 and this could've been a great middle issue that then had us end on issue 5 vice 6.

  26. This is actually in Palau. Guam does have some really cool plane wreck dives though!

  27. I'm not convinced this is the end of Nathan as Radiant Black, but the fact I can't say that with certainty is exciting. Very interested to see where it goes.

  28. I would be interested to see how they bring him back. Any theories??

  29. I loved that ending. A very legitimate twist I did not see coming. Really showed that the suit does not inherently make the wearer invincible. My only thought is that they had a really likeable and relatable character in Nathan and with this huge twist I hope they can keep that magic going.

  30. Oh no, now I want even more variant covers!

  31. Fuck the haters. This is a great park and I'm glad they're continuing to expand it. If you're mad about the roads talk to SCDOT, not the North Charleston Parks Department.

  32. I love it. I think this is a great first step into expanding the area to be more biker and pedestrian friendly. Plus I live here and run here so this will be very nice for that.

  33. If you want somebody to take Kiril’s place, either Glenda or Richard will be good in flank. I know Richard is not as sexy but he is solid. Vivica cleanses already so not sure is Glenda is a bit redundant here, although the 3-hero hit and the increase damage on special skills (plus some minions) make her a solid flank. As for Fenrir - I have him, I love him, he is a monster in attack, not very good in defense because he needs targeting. His special is pure overkill at 3:60, I have consistently been raiding 4.4-4.6 teams with him at this level and I only ascended him for durability and more tile damage. SO, you can still use him very well at 3:60 and instead you will get a boost in your defense team by getting a stronger flank

  34. Pretty sure 8-7 gives a better energy/recruit ratio than this recruits quest. Or just spam 3-1 during this challenge event like I'm doing.

  35. What does 3-1 provide? I know I'm a few days late as well.

  36. Was specifically for the challenge event, running rare stage 3. Only costs 1 energy, it gives much higher xp per energy than any regular map stage. Also gives lots of recruits and 1 and 2* heroes for feeding. Great way to level quickly, I run it a lot every challenge event (now not till next month unfortunately).

  37. Dang. So that's the third level of the challenge with only the three star heros? First I'm hearing of so I want to prep for next time.

  38. Y'all got a tiny alliance to have individual scores that high.

  39. Yeah only 11 strong. That said, all 11 are active guys. We're recruiting though!

  40. Also a shout out to my boys and gals at Misery Index! If any of you see this, you guys rock!

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