1. Nothing wrong with this. It may speak to the possible fact that you are walking around with a need for connection and love that has been severely unmet in your life. That's no laughing matter and deserves compassion and support, not shaming and ridicule. No sane person is laughing at you over this.

  2. Holy shit! No one's said it to me in this way. Thank you! :')

  3. first I've heard of it. it'd probably be good to find their build scripts to make sure they aren't injecting anything malicious. if it's not published then idk if I can trust that.

  4. I'm not tech savvy so not sure if I can do it on my own. Is there a way to verify this? I found it on zone94 website. Can I post the link if it's allowed?

  5. This is the best way. If you became an atheist because of the sheer stupidity you see in the name of religion and how unjust the world is, you may be angry and may project your views on others.

  6. You have assumed that this is related to mental health issues — it may be, but it also may not be.

  7. English as a Second Language. It is my third language, actually haha

  8. Let the guy be vulnerable before you. Make him feel safe.

  9. I'm a guy and had posted several questions on the sub. Most of them got deleted or received snarky or snide responses.

  10. Hold this hug until the anxiety subsides and you feel calm. I know how wonderful a warm hug can be :)

  11. I'm sorry you feel that way. I constantly face this feeling like you which stems from resentment, regrets, and missed opportunities.

  12. It's funny how no one talks about shame. We all have it. It's the worst feeling any of us can feel, save for maybe grief of a child, but shame even rears it's ugly head there. Shame is so powerful a shadow that if left untreated can lead to shame sensitivity and narcissism.

  13. Wow! That's very insightful. Thank you!

  14. Not downgrading jobs like cleaner, garbage disposal , driver , bartender, prostitution. Anyone would like to contribute more ?

  15. Anyone earning a living through honest and dignified means.

  16. what do you mean by honest and dignified? Are you indirectly suggesting not to respect professions like sex workers?

  17. There's no real secret to it. You just spend fewer minutes not working on your hobby and more minutes working on it. If you were to track how much time each day you spend on social media, binging TV shows, or playing videogames, you'd probably discover that you have plenty of time for hobbies. You're just not spending it on them.

  18. In order to get in my miles I have to wake an hour early, but getting out on the road helps clear my mind

  19. So, miles to go after you wake up? (Sorry for the bad attempt at humor).

  20. The answer is way longer than I can type here. There are whole self help books dedicated to this topic. 20 years ago I hated being shy and there wasn't this subreddit or really much help on the internet yet. I went to a book store and bought a book on how to not be shy when I was 16. I have to give it credit it helped me for the better. Now I'm the one people approach and ask how I have such a calming presence or can socialize so easily.

  21. Wow! Thank you so much for the insightful answer! You are accurate about body language. I kinda hunch over due to shyness when meeting new people. I always have been very comfortable once someone makes me their friend (if that makes sense).

  22. I would get thrashed even more if I cried.

  23. Are you writing as a future student?

  24. No. As a freelance writer. I'm planning a career pivot, but it's not related to writing.

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