1. Bryan often comes across as a Karen in these situations. It seems like if he faces a small inconvenience while at a store or restaurant he feels it's OK to go after the staff.

  2. Oh, yeah. That's what they're doing. They love the fact that I engage cause it's their way of having someone from the show interact with them. But I enjoy destroying them if I feel like it cause it's so easy.

  3. “Someone from the show”.. And we have the mental illnesses?

  4. You’re one of us, my friend. Breathe it in!!

  5. Im gunna be real honest. I think memories of toad and giddem kinda blended into one person. Totally forgot he existed.

  6. CBM is like the lovable dumb cousin of TESD. I’m not too proud to say I still watch it to this day. It’s just more TESD, captured differently.

  7. The best part was his family calling him a sucker! Hah! Q had to reassure him, if I remember correctly.

  8. yes, first q corrected him on the total, that $180 was the total amount not the balance due, then went through the itemized receipt to break down why it was so much. he said she would have charged him the same. they made it a very funny story.

  9. Yeah, that’s what I remembered.. Seems like so long ago! His family giving him the business was the part - that was most memorable to me!

  10. I think this is fantastic. Even if it was brought to us by Ghost Pussy.

  11. God forbid. Brought you so much entertainment through the years. Here's some SI inside baseball for free.

  12. No, the purpose of the pod was a fund raiser.

  13. Can Walt use cryptic riddles or dyslexia?!!

  14. You left when Walt really became UltraWalt!!

  15. Even the $5 tier unlocks a world of new content, I’m going to assume will be entirely new to you! Enjoy!!

  16. Are you asking if Murr’s wig was Gitem’s sale? Ask Gitem.. We know he’s watching us!

  17. I don't think there's much to speculate when Bry outright called him "Judas".

  18. That killed all “speculation” so simply. All the mike saviors on here probably felt there hearts drop at that moment.

  19. Yeah, there’s no defending that episode.. The couple came across as privileged bigots, and boys sound like ignorant “Americans”..

  20. This made me laugh and right back in to wondering what happened.

  21. So Declan is late uploading pods because he has to maintain his wrestling channel?

  22. He does sound old these days. A few episodes ago he sounded like “normal” Bry and I took note! Ha..

  23. This is the interesting part. He never had to respond to anyone and we'd just assume he wasn't seeing stuff or didn't feel like adding to the drama for no reason. Plausible deniability, basically. But then he did reply, and he replied to someone specifically asking where Walt was, and instead of saying "it's not really Walt's scene and I think he was recording something for TESD" (whether true or not, it's a logical response) he says "I mentioned Walt, so stop asking me where he is." He just should have let it be.

  24. Did he say that verbatim? I missed the tweet.

  25. I love that this is what walt is up to these days. Good for him.

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