1. I just got Youtube TV with a 21 day free trial. Maybe check that out if it works for you!

  2. I've spent the past few days messing with all the apps, YouTube has the best interface (imo) so far. It's crazy smooth on mobile and TV... My only complaint is that there is no A&E and Vice but it does have abc, CBS and better sports channels. Other than that it is my fav thus far, I think I'm going to make the switch and just put up with that price increase.

  3. And the irony is that Lace has a bigger following than any of them 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Reminds me of Demi from last season. If I recall correctly she also had the biggest following. I'm all for it, I love the chaotic energy

  5. I’d rather be poor somewhere that I don’t have to avoid hurricanes every season that are getting worse and worse, too, but who knows. At the end of the day, the average person isn’t that smart or have a strong ability to assess risks. I think that’s what happens. They always assume the storm won’t be that bad or won’t hit them.

  6. That's why it's so expensive out here in California, only have to worry about earthquakes and Prius drivers.

  7. Genuinely hope this leads to the womens division getting more loved in AEW. Also a lot of releases seem to have happened if that’s the whole division lol

  8. Question is which expansion would he be starting now... cause if it is draenor we're in for a rough time...

  9. I'm having awful flashbacks just thinking of that expansion. Orcs everywhere and so much brown. Game felt like a chore

  10. It's really impressive. He's not natty but the amount of work to get those abs and shed that much fat is insane

  11. The guy who cheated on my gave thousands to charity every year. I still hate him.

  12. Exactly. My alcoholic abusive ex volunteered regularly, still hate them. Bumped into them recently, still hate them 🤣

  13. Isn’t he only 25yo?! I want age appropriate leads goddammit!!! Yes, early to mid 20s folks can fall in love and get married and have children. However- it’s 2022. Early to mid 20s folks- go have fun and meet people organically and get settled in your career and hobbies and travel!!!

  14. Every time this is mentioned, people come out of the woodworks, "I met my husband when I was an embryo and we are still going 10 years strong."

  15. How can you say “My heart goes out to the victim for having to live with this catastrophic incident” and then say BUT?? It breaks my heart when people are quick to question and discredit someone who has gone through something as traumatic like SA. No one should have to be blamed for something that was NOT THEIR FAULT. Let’s be better and not victim blame.

  16. Reminds me of the "with all due respect," scene from Talladega Nights 🤦🏻‍♂️

  17. I mean, if it was a few years ago, I'd be asking for a mental check-up on them, but seeing as the Browns are actually okay as a team now - though still losing in typical Browns ways - I'll give them a pass...

  18. Except the Browns will have Deshaun Watson as their starter, 24 counts of sexual assault. I know the fans don't have control but I refuse to support that org, they deserve to be a cursed franchise forever.

  19. As a Browns lifer, I genuinely wish Jimmy Haslam would die, because I really do feel a Super Bowl is worth more than his life.

  20. They royally F'd up, they were the chosen ones. The lovable losers. Hopefully someone falls into their laps, I don't think Watson should be playing at all.

  21. TikTok has made using audio on anything mostly pointless, as it’s almost always a song or not the original audio.

  22. It’s ok, it’s a Reddit thread. You’re allowed to like Saraya and her entrance song

  23. It's also AEW so you won't be downvoted as hard. The wwe stans are outnumbered in this sub.

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