Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ougonkyo - Episode 12 discussion - FINAL

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  1. Is the right bang on yours detached while the left one is attached? Not sure why they did it like that if yeah cause mines like that or maybe it was a weird qc oversight?

  2. I have all of these, the SUperglide was shipped from Korea and received two days after release week ago. SuperGlide is smooth and as fast as SkyPad, but the stopping power is superior, perhaps from the consistent bottom surface. It is too early to tell but I also feel I dont have to wipe down the SuperGlide as much, but too early to really be sure about that.

  3. How would you compare the superglide pad to the raiden? Trying to decide between the 2. Do you like one more than the other and if so, why?

  4. Yes it’s the new one and I’ve had it for about a month. I’d say it very so slightly slowed down but I’d guess it’s more of a me problem? (I have a really dusty room for some reason) This pretty much answers all your questions regarding the Raiden. I haven’t washed it yet so can’t answer that one and the speed difference between glass and the mid Raiden is in the static friction. Raiden still has some static friction while the glass pads pretty much don’t. Dynamic friction feels very similar between all three.

  5. Is the static friction the only real differentiator between the raiden and superglide pads? Wondering if I have a raiden and I don't mind the static friction if there's a benefit for the superglide pad if the dynamic friction is the same.

  6. It’s classified as a control pad but it’s about as quick as a hayate otsu. It’s got less static and dynamic friction than the Saturn pro. It’s a really really good pad so far though, I’ve always wanted a very slightly faster zero and this is pretty much exactly what it is.

  7. any reason to get it if you already have a hayate otsu?

  8. the speed and stopping power is very similar,the ES2 might be just a tad faster tbh but it's a lot smoother and the base is even stickier than artisans, its kinda between a soft and mid too.

  9. I thought I was fine, until "she won't be lonely" broke me. So many tears this season

  10. just finished watching this. what was the context of this line?

  11. Is anyone else concerned that we might get a twist where deku’s potential original quirk could cause a problem? In the first episode he visited the evil doctor that was using all for one’s quirk to steal children’s powers. Deku was quirkless as a vessel but he potentially wasn’t originally.

  12. was it mentioned somewhere that he had an original quirk? i don't remember that at all

  13. Ya since deku’s was likely stolen right. Either way. Living till whatever range is still luckier than the titans in AOT lol

  14. Not going to lie they are the best part of the show. Deku is the main character but his story/motivations/personality is not as interesting as the Todoroki family

  15. lets be real deku is the least interesting character in the show at this point lol. no one cares about overpowered spiderman getting more powers compared to this sort of stuff

  16. Did you mean to say POM for Tomo? The PP is already shown as sold out

  17. Should be up now. Sorry for the confusion.

  18. POM is also on the site but not included in this post just FYI. Thanks!

  19. Traded Merisi Sessantacinque with extras for Tomo from

  20. Removed. Timestamps are invalid/expired/missing. Please make sure to fix/add.

  21. I updated the timestamp and removed FNF from the post. Unless you can edit the title, I can't remove the FNF from there

  22. Go ahead and create a new post. You'll still see the removal message, but I'll remove that when I approve the new post.

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