1. In all honesty there probably isn’t anyone on the planet who knows the answer to this question re helping CV. You could definitely try using every 2nd day and then if you tolerate this increase at your own pace and comfort level.

  2. Yeah the itching is really weird. Parts of my majora just intermittently go red and start itching? I'm so stressed😭

  3. Have you tried diet change? That helped with my symptoms when I had infection like, irritating discharge but no infections. Mostly cutting down sugar/spicy/fried/grilled food. If your discomfort is actually coming from nerve and/or muscle, removing the skin won't help. It's best to be evaluated by a doctor and see what treatment options would be suitable for you.

  4. I eat so clean 😭 honestly it's so sad because I have to eat the same things everyday due to trying to keep my sugar low for candida. The thing is, when the skin gets itchy, there is a visible Irritation. Like it goes bright red in the exact same spot and pattern then goes back to seemingly normal. Im not sure whether nerve itch presents like that and I can't see a doctor rn so im so confused on what is wrong with me 😭

  5. Do you have a history of taking the combination (estrogen + progestin) birth control pill?

  6. I took it for like 2 months around 2 years ago when I was 14 and I didn't have any problems with it :((

  7. Are you on any other treatments for CV? baking soda suppositories?

  8. Baking soda didn't help😭 I did the suppositories overnight and they just gave me loads of clear discharge that would piss me off at like 2am. Then at like 8am the symptomatic white discharge would be back once again.

  9. Ok thanks for the extra information. Are you taking probiotics? If so maybe stop that.

  10. Hi! Just a question about the suppositories. Can they be used forever or will they start losing effect eventually?

  11. I’m sure I have Candida overgrowth and a mix of cv and yeast issues !

  12. I'm extremely Prone to candida and yeast now😭😭 not sure whether taking antibiotics is worth the risk of another overgrowth

  13. Yeah I have thin blood and very watery discharge. I think this has given me cytolytic vaginosis aswell😭💪

  14. Yes it does, I use a menstrual cup and it has helped at lot. The less touching the area the better for me.

  15. Hahaha I had a drs appointment yesterday and what i took away from it was "we don't know what's wrong with you, but even if we did, we don't have a treatment for it anyway"

  16. Will do. Im working with Dr. Krapf who is a specialist at the Center for Vulvovaginal Disorders out of DC. I do telemed. I’ve been pretty symptom free lately which has been nice. I have a microgen test on hand for when I flare so we can see what it says.

  17. Did you find anything that helped it clear up a bit? Or do you just keep the discharge off the area? My gp prescribed me this nappy cream but I'm unsure of whether it will be helpful at all

  18. Some people with mast cell disease react to some of their bodily fluids. I react to my own tears. I also have bleeding issues from MCAS, so I'm on meds to stop my period.

  19. I may have mcas but I'm not sure and I don't really match many of the symptoms. I get hives all over my face randomly and they appear on my body too. It's not because of food or anything because they even appear before I've woken up sometimes. I dont get hives on my vulva but it goes bright red and itches. Let me know what you think because if it is mcas, im not sure what I'm supposed to do 😭

  20. I think this would be much easier if we had all been recording our appointments. Went to Phototherapy and the nurses told me that if I didn't put steroids on beforehand, the hospital would refuse me treatment- which isn't true at all. Suing doesn't seem like an option so I think it's best for people to just claim benefits as financial compensation 😭

  21. Yes that probably would have been wise. I might ask for a copy of my medical records and then go back and make notes of each appointment. That sucks :(. I dont know who to sue, i dont want any doctors to loose their jobs also...

  22. Yeah like PIP if you're in the UK. I'm already on DLA buy hopefully being accepted for PIP in a few months

  23. Moal says:

    Do you use any sort of body wash down there? Or pads?

  24. Hi what did your lichen simplex look like if you don't mind me asking? My vulva looks normal, until discharge touches it, then it goes red and irritated

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