1. Ew this is so weird. You just know Natalie from Love is Blind is on Lori’s bad side after that turtle trip with Blake lol

  2. I feel Like Kelley would never hangout with Peter if it wasn’t for some romantic reason just because she was so bitter about the breakup so to me this doesn’t make sense. I don’t know how much inside info Zach really has

  3. Nahh they were seen at one of busiest baseball stadiums. If it wasn’t for clout they probably would have hung out somewhere more privately. Both of them knew what they were doing

  4. Kelley is notorious for buying followers when she dips below 800k so i think when she got called out twice on here for doing that (someone found her reddit account) she probably needed another way to get her followers count up. my two cents.

  5. I don’t even need to. Watch his recent TikToks. It’s so obvious. I can’t wait for this mess to blow up

  6. Shake and Deepti were set up to be matched up. They were both South Asian, both never dated other South Asians and both have body image issues.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lied to her about hooking up with Chloe from THTH. He clearly lied to her about Shaina even though it was all on camera - Natalie said during the Reunion she felt blindsided and betrayed by him and Shaina because they both lied to her about what was happening

  8. What made me ponder about this had something to do with what Shayne said in his last AMA about his producer being the reason for him surviving LIB. It does seem that he has a very close relationship with his producer, and the fact that he had a fight with his cast members abt him trusting the producers too much makes me think there's likely an element of exploitation and manipulation of Shayne. I mean, he prob thought he could get away with stuff whilst filming because he thought he'd get a good edit?

  9. I honestly haven't kept up with anyone post-show, but I loved Deepti. I'm curious to know why your opinion of her changed?

  10. search the sub on her post-show behavior. mostly how she faked an entire relationship with Kyle for months on social media for more clout. ZacharyReality even said he heard they played up a fake relationship for After the Altar (LIB “where are they now” special”)

  11. I really want to know which ones tell their parents and which don’t, what they’ll say. I know Natalie’s mom knew hahahaha

  12. her mom definitely knew at the wedding what happened. the daggers coming out of her eyes looking at shayne’s mom

  13. I can’t believe all of y’all have your panties in a bunch when this tik tok clearly SCREAMS it was his girlfriend’s idea 😩. This has Jessica’s personality all over it and I’m living for it. Leave this man alone!

  14. How do you know this wasn’t her idea? Women aren’t always damsels who are at the mercy of every man they meet or date. We’ve never seen anything like this from him before so she may have suggested it or they may have just wanted to gave a bit of fun. Y’all pop off and take everything so seriously. 🙄

  15. there’s some crazy rumors about him on various bach-related IGs and tiktok’s. doesn’t seem like a good person at all

  16. So many people like to think that the LIB people are somehow “above” the BN people in terms of clout chasing, but they most definitely are not. Natalie has come off so thirsty since the show came out. Lori K is trying to do some LIB/BN multiverse of madness.

  17. i don’t think she has. she has stayed pretty low key, never talked badly about Shane in her interviews, doesn’t respond to things about her ex, and has even actively denied dating rumors with sal and blake (via zachary reality)

  18. she said on a finance podcast recently she still works as a full time management consultant at her job (Ernst & Young) and will not be quitting but she took an extended leave when her show premiered

  19. did you guys read the article? they talk about Blake posting about having a breakfast date with her and the way he describes her too is suspicious

  20. It was discussed already in yesterday mornings thread, in case this one gets taken down as a repost. Here's the thread. They are saving turtles as are several others on the trip (not dating).

  21. it’s soooo weird that so many people in these comments are assuming these two are dating each other because they took a selfie together.

  22. LOVE NATALIE - she’s the down-to-earth spirit he needs after Katie. if this doesn’t work out, she should be the next bachelorette! one of the most eloquent, genuine, and beautiful reality tv stars

  23. I think her little jabs wouldn’t have mattered to him if she hadn’t been afraid to talk about her feelings or attraction towards him. Every time he would fish for a compliment she would just make a joke. Of course that’ll make someone self conscious or insecure.

  24. maybe he shouldn’t have told her he hated her and she was the worst thing that’s ever happened to him. he probably should have made a joke in that moment instead ;)

  25. “Natalie was a nerdy girl”… why, because she’s Asian? Wth

  26. https://www.reddit.com/r/LoveIsBlindOnNetflix/comments/tp7c86/what_is_wrong_with_natalie/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  27. https://www.reddit.com/r/LoveIsBlindOnNetflix/comments/tdfghw/unverified_tea_re_kyle/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&utm_term=link

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