1. these 2 went from being dislikable bullies to adorably annoying

  2. Let's watch the news to wait for reports of a punched-out gorilla soon!

  3. head canon: paranormal enthusiasts in Tokyo consider Pickle a cryptid and are always trying to get a photo of him.

  4. Doctors are scary af. They know where to hit to kill.

  5. learn to lucid dream and rehearse work while you sleep

  6. For the past month I have seriously been getting mad that I need to sleep. My job doesn't even suck. I just struggle to enjoy life because there's so little time for it.

  7. it always pains me to see countries with beautiful mountain ranges reduced to smog-poisoned spaces like these

  8. is it "soul crushing" to actually live there, or are citizens so used to it they dont care much?

  9. I thin 20,30, billionaries banded together and wanted to genocide humanity for some reason, they could do it. Buying all black market WMDs, buying entire country's water supplies and poisoning, filling huge landfills and oceans with radioactive material, etc

  10. That explains why I keep seeing miserable staff on the US carriers. It's a different level, sometimes when I'm sitting near the galley I can hear the staff complaining about every aspect of their job.

  11. You may have already noticed, but Constanze is my favorite character 🤣🤣🤣

  12. todo bien con no burlarse del aspecto de otros; pero a del popolo no me lo imagino en el monte cubano en pleno verano

  13. is he well-liked in poland or people dont care about him?

  14. One of the bullies who was super irrelevant took a put-shot ball straight to the face so. I dunno...

  15. Interest is forbidden? So no mortgage interest or credit card interest or any of that?

  16. none of those are allowed, all interest is considered usury

  17. So can I borrow whatever I want? What country is this? I need to borrow some money from them.

  18. I dont know how this works IRL. I just know that the sharia and islamic precepts forbid all interest and speculation. if you are muslim you can probably access a private islamic bank trough a mosque , i think.

  19. Not even so, here in Brazil it's common for workers to clock in 12+ hours and with long commutes (many being 2h) the average Brazilian works way more than the average US worker

  20. are there any subreddits where I can learn about labor movement and working conditions \working poor of Brasil?

  21. this reminds me of the meme of Gandalf with the shotgun

  22. whenever you feel stupid, remember someone gave Yanagi a hook for a prosthetic

  23. Igual medio raro definir a alguien por su condicion financiera. En mi caso cuando analizo a una persona, la plata que tiene es el 1% de mi analisis.

  24. Kenichi is a hidden gem that debuted before the wide spread/popularity of manga/anime whereas Baki survived the test of time

  25. kenichi is more cartoonish and less bloody, maybe thats why people dismiss a bit?

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