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  1. Tinnnn tanananana naaananana tantananaa

  2. You crash but Melvin balls is your passenger

  3. You..... Just... Flirt..? Did they not teach you in flirting school ?

  4. Aw hell haw what school do you go to INDU IT?

  5. Pant ki zip me nunnu ataki gayi thi bachpan m

  6. Bruh I think snow world is closed

  7. Yes you can definitely take MJ, it is a pretty decent college and is in the heart of the city but I don't think MJ has bus facility only Sultan ul uloom has it and considering your rank you can get into IT.

  8. Ah that's cool. Will i be able to get into it without minority certificate, cause I'm having issues with it rn

  9. Uhm I guess so, But in colleges like MJ first seat preference is given to BC caste peeps, You can try tho there are chances

  10. Don't be sad that you're poor 🥺, there are people who don't even house

  11. Bro mine is like 14 hours Somebody help meee pleasee :(((

  12. padhai kar raha hun vro, keh keh ke thakk gaya hun har raat

  13. Yes it is true, but they also issue a e-challan.

  14. This ain't nothing to relate to tbh

  15. Woke up at 2 and haven't slept yet :(

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