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  1. The complaint posts are getting worse than the actual meme at this point imo

  2. this is always how it goes when the kiddies find a meme they like. back and forth with complaints and the meme itself alternating in which is the most annoying at a given time. either way, my front page suffers.

  3. Im just like if you dont complain it stops. Just ignore it and move on.

  4. If they actually add jarro to the game I will run a one man reverse review bomb campaign and get the game to a 10 on metacritic

  5. Jarro is one of my favorite things from Snyder as far as bat fam is concerned. And i want more of him.

  6. Deadpool broke it off with death ages ago. In Thanos vs Deadpool

  7. Oh well maybe the get back together now cause she's alive and ready to jive.

  8. Deadpool said he's just too much into Life.

  9. The most powerful consumer micro pcs like raspberry 5 or arduino barely run emulators, and are way bigger than this watch. Maaaayybe a micro arduino, but it would still have to use emulators wich are expensive af They can barely run n64 games with stuttering. Maybe in 3-4 years, but these things get hot and that fact wont change soon

  10. This was a minute long video. They could have toasted that watch for all we know.

  11. There has been a port on smart phones since 2013. And emulators on modern phones do just fine can get a ps2 emulator in the app stores even.

  12. You should see Ribic's recent work on Eternals.

  13. Yes because Most "victims" have been found to be lying. His sister admitted she was lying. His kids have said thats not who he was and timelines are all wrong.

  14. Empire strikes back? Blade runner 2049? Terminator 2? The dark knight? Aliens? Spider-Man 2? How to train your dragon 2? Toy story 2? Paddington 2?

  15. SW4-6 and batman were meant as trilogies, can't really judge them separately; alien and spider-man sequels weren't that good, imho; the rest really lived up to their first movies, i guess, but i'll still argue that sequel of a good movie is almost always a massive disappointment

  16. Just because there are trilogies doesn't mean the sequels aren't good. And your definitely in the minority on the aliens and Spider-Man. The point is mate there are a lot of good sequels. And plenty of bad too. But I think it's ridiculous to say all sequels are bad.

  17. Super unpopular opinion but I wish people started moving away from the idea of owning dogs. Man’s best friend applied when we were hunter gatherers barely getting used to domesticating wolves, everything in the middle of that is just so fucked up. Breeding them to be super unhealthy and in some cases extremely violent in the name of aesthetics. They’re sweet animals and don’t deserve whats happened to them.

  18. Dogs have historically been bred for jobs. They still do jobs. I mean what kinda daffy ass statement are you making here? Herding dogs? Guardian dogs? Disability support animals?

  19. for discovery, not streaming, I still definitely want to listen to the whole songs when I listen to them :)

  20. I mean just me i guess but i cant discover a song without listening to it in full. Id rather this generate full song discovery.

  21. Not one article of my clothes has a loop, string, or anything else hanging from it. New sweatshirts w/hoods get the strings cut off immediately. Work pants with hammer loops get cut. Nothing around the neck or wrists either. No key ring hanging or chain wallet. My boots get tied around the ankle with a double tied bow so the tag ends are less than 2 inches long.

  22. This verges on the level of a mental illness my dude. Like why are you so worried about a relatively unlikely occurrence.

  23. That’s funny man I’ve been accused of worse. I’m talking at work though, not leisure time.

  24. Makes sense for work. Maybe specify that cause honestly i thought you just be doing this shit living in some kinda weird daily fear.

  25. This is why I tried very hard to use a softer voice when my dog was barking and I didn't want him to. He would often still bark once or twice, like he was checking to make sure I really knew about the thing. But if I told him to shush he generally would. Unless we were at a park, and he knew he was gonna get to go on a walk. Then he'd whine very loudly

  26. This comic is low key about how ppl unintentionally positively reinforce bad behavior. It's why so many small dogs are little bastards because the owner just picks them up instead of proper training.

  27. Yeah it's terrible... So like, what are some of the good ways to curb this behavior...? You know, for the other people who don't know, not us

  28. Well generally don't pick a dog up to discipline a behavior. This is seen as a reward by a dog. Cause" human picking me up and cuddling me"

  29. I can't believe that at the end Cantwell finds his stride. Almost a shame it's over as a result. Hope the next series kicks off with a bang.

  30. I really liked the main story, the fake Joker is starting to realize he’s not what he thinks, and it’s cool to see the rivalries of different villain gangs. Particularly liked the Harley segment, a nice bit of continuity with her book of her living in her yacht. And I love that her reaction was to instantly beat the shit out of him and then kick him the fuck out once she realized it’s not even the real deal. And Jason, I’m glad to have more of him here. Cool to see him back in the Pete Woods outfit, I actually really liked this design more than most. Overall things moving along at a good pace, and we’re only two issues in.

  31. The Pete woods design is my favorite of any red hood design yet.

  32. The ending literally made me drop my jaw. Wtf. Who is approving this at editorial? Surely this and Spider-Man have to be connected at this point right?

  33. Hang if he shoots immediately, then he is brutal and should go to jail. But we are saying he is a rookie for non action? I think he handled this very well, and gave what seems to be a schizophrenic a chance. Maybe he didn't want to murder someone with mental illness?

  34. Man ppl really be crazy around here. Like imo this cop did everything he could to deescalate and not kill someone. Major fucking props to him. I'm glad no one had to die. And for the most part this is the best cop I've ever seen. He put his life on the line to let that guy take it there first. We should be applauding this officer not deriding him.

  35. The guy drove trucks for a living, I highly doubt he managed to go over 1km without realising he was pressing the wrong pedal

  36. He also drove 1.2 km while accelerating instead of immediately trying to get the car off the road and into a ditch, wall or anything. If a car isn't stopping you dont hope for a miracle while you keep going faster and faster. Your first thought especially as a truck driver who needs to have experience with run away trucks and brake failures is to find the closest safest place to stop this car.

  37. Pls never confuse Jim Lee’s art with Rob Liefeld’s.

  38. It's honestly a shame. This looks nothing like Liefelds work. Yet for some reason people looked at it and went "oh it's an old 90 style so it must be him?"

  39. I hate how everyone discusses decarbonisation, which completely ignores rubber tire particulate choking the world as we speak 😮‍💨 more people need to read this sorta stuff

  40. The guardian is such a reliable source. As well as their one source in the article who is an independent emissions testing company that would definitely have no possible stake in wanting car emissions to look good in comparison to other things. I mean its not like a whole company faked emissions for like a decade /s

  41. So trains for almost everything then. Got it.

  42. Imagine a waiter having to use up their gas, put wear and tear on personal vehicle, and wait sometimes up to 40 minutes of time to deliver a single table their meal while not being able to service any other tables. If a driver can't see if it's worth it from the start why would they take it? Not to mention if the restaurant is slow or fucks up the order the driver wouldn't get the tip most of the time. It would make being a delivery driver for door dash garbage.

  43. This is ultimately doordash who isn't supporting their employees properly. But as well i just do not believe a dasher should be seeing their tips before delivery

  44. A dasher has every right to see how much they're getting paid. It shouldn't be a surprise. If doordash was supporting their drivers it would amount to a mandatory charge that would be no different than a restaurant with mandatory gratuity baked into the check. Except that it would fluctuate by time of day, number of available drivers, and distance. So people would just be up in arms about the mandatory tip that keeps changing every time they order from the same place.

  45. Maybe doordash should just take their fuckin delivery fee and give it to the driver instead of depending on every person to tip well. And creating weird incentives for ppl to abuse orders or steal them or just not deliver them .

  46. I think this was handled really well tho. We got good closure and a spark that he will be back. Just hopefully not by the end of this series cause like i said we got good closure.

  47. Yoo i thought i was the only one who saw this during the last red rocks show. 🤘

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