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  1. i've only known what luke and laura was thru a single throwaway song lyric until listening to this episode.

  2. I've never had tvp even though I have had some bags of it sitting around for a while. I keep thinking to add it to spaghetti sauce next time I make some.

  3. South South America has Buenos Aires and Santiago

  4. I didn't know about either of those SA flights, and I've had a Google flights alert for Buenos Aires for a while.

  5. Yeah, United has daily red-eye flights leaving IAH at 8:20p CT (flight number 819) and leaving EZE at 10:05p local (818).

  6. It's really up there. I often see 1 or 2 stop flights to BA for $1000-1300.

  7. Yeap. The Roman Catholic Church is a business as well. No one knows that they own the most private land in the world

  8. no one knows that? besides not being true (they're in the top 5 or 10) it's on dozens of lists on the first page of google results for "largest private landowners in the world".

  9. magically redirect all the flights to/from it to hobby instead but still only have the number of passengers as hobby.

  10. Casey Candele and Steve Finley are two I remember growing up that never seem to show up in conversations

  11. I came in here to say Casey candele just because he's the first baseball player who's name I learned.

  12. I still vote for eliminating the Texans to bring back the Aeros.

  13. it's not as bad as people are making it out to be. if you want to take an uber ($40+ each way) you could have close to 6 hours in town.

  14. They sent my order this morning with DHL EXPRESS. Your order should follow

  15. Still nothing for me. I emailed them over the weekend and asked and they just sent me a response about shipping delays along with a 15% coupon. 🤷

  16. Got my polo yesterday. The quality is amazing. But i still wouldn't pay 250€ for it lol

  17. they finally shipped yesterday and it came today. interestingly enough they changed their shipping location from nyc to austin. previously they shipped from new york and i assumed the delay may have been related to their new store opening there.

  18. So judging solely based off the Toyota center website it looks like the entire floor is GA. I found this tweet with some more info and a different seating chart, it’s possible that the Toyota center website doesn’t have the finale seating chart.

  19. I'm going to a different concert and it looks like that tweet is deleted. Is the floor ga for all shows?

  20. how is katin? i'm unfamiliar with them but they have some nice looking pieces.

  21. I want just a single thing but not trying to pay $10 shipping. Ugggh

  22. yeah. they offer free pick up but they closed the location in my city (houston), and i don't want to pay to have something shipped. saved myself $100 i guess lol.

  23. hmm, there's a few left at $40...thinking about it.

  24. I feel like at some point I checked the score and Detroit had scored a run off of a single. Am I crazy?

  25. Play at the plate was overturned. Originally a run scored, then called an out.

  26. Yes the Google game notification thing had that at one point

  27. As an Astros fan I hope he's an Angel for life. I'd rather lose to him 5x in the season than twice in a playoff series.

  28. I have colonoscopies 1 to 2x a year and being completely under is the standard and has been for over a decade. (I'm 40 and have been getting them since I was 17 for a genetic condition I have which causes polyps to form.)

  29. the pirates are right above us in terms of all time winning percentage. assuming both teams stay the course, we should pass them next year pretty easily.

  30. i was at under the radar once, like 4-5 years ago, and the naked bike ride group rolled in. a few even joined us at our table. cool people, but only like one hot chick.

  31. they barely check. if you're trying to sneak in booze it's super easy. i've brought in tall boys, bottles of hard liquor, etc.

  32. Wash your glasses, in the sink, with warm (not hot!) water and gentle, non-antibacterial soap. Your face secretes oil, and a lot of it gathers in your eyebrows. It will pool in the cracks between the frame and lenses, gather in noxious scummy boogers on the nosepads, and in the hinges as well. Once it’s built up, no matter how hard you try to clean your lenses, you’ll just smudge them up because of that oil. The face oil will oxidize and turn bright green, then yellow-ish, then brown. It smells TERRIBLE. I wash mine about once every two weeks with a drop of dawn dish soap and warm water.

  33. Does washing glasses over time degrade oleophobic coating?

  34. It might if you use rough cloth (cotton t-shirt and such) and if you use liquid with alcohol inside it (I saw some people use window cleaners on their lenses).

  35. i use windex on mine, guess i should stop.

  36. If the rays win the division it will be hilarious 😂

  37. If this is it for him I'm sad to see it end this way. Heck of a career though and a quick Google says about $96M in earnings. Not too shabby.

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