1. I use Kiss nails and glue. I just don’t use a whole of the glue and they’ll typically come off the next day after I soak my hands in some hot water or acetone remover.

  2. When I’m trying to stay sober? How about an AA meeting? I never got drunk at a meeting. Hobbies don’t treat alcoholism/addiction.

  3. Okay. I don’t know of any places that have AA meetings every day at all times though. What do I do with the filler space if not hobbies?

  4. I learnt to skateboard and I game a lot. I also started going to the gym. These 3 hobbies and part time work keep me fairly busy. I still need to find some more things to fill my extra time however. As soon as I'm bored, I want to use drugs.

  5. Cool I skateboard myself but I’m still at the learning to stay on the board while I’m moving phase. I think I’m definitely going to devote more time to that.

  6. Ugh I feel it. I can’t have top surgery right now and likely won’t for years 🥲

  7. Yeah. Being different has made me feel very isolated. I use something everyday. Helps keep the feelings of inadequacy away.

  8. Did u use an app to make this edit? If so what is it? Really speaks to my aesthetic.

  9. Very nice! And by chance is that cthulhu in your ear plug?

  10. I would definitely recommend learning an instrument. I started out with guitar then moved onto piano. Try doing covers of songs you like to help you analyze different styles of writing. One of my favorite singer/songwriters is SZA. I like her lyrics and her vocal melodies are very interesting to me.

  11. Do you really think you’re going to detransition that much over a month? I’m on testosterone and at one point I was having trouble getting it for about a month and nothing physically changed about me. Could you possibly go to a different pharmacy? Have you spoken to the doctor that prescribed your hormones about this?

  12. I have been thinking about giving rehab a shot if drug counseling doesn’t work for me. I would very much like to hear about your experience. Maybe in particular the kinds of activities and stuff you do and how you put up with withdrawal symptoms.

  13. I don’t know about the tone of voice but volume gets me sometimes. Like even if someone is saying something out of happiness/excitement if they raise their voice it puts me on edge.

  14. I remember being in preschool and as Christmas gifts they were giving the girls a little tube of animals toys and the boys a little tube of dinosaurs. They tried to convince I wanted the animals and I was like… I. want. the. fucking. DINOSAURS. Like wtf dinosaurs are so much cooler.

  15. Maybe try explaining that God has a different plan for everyone. They created you this way and intended for you to live life as your true self. For your sister to say this isn’t you, completely goes against God’s plan. I’m sure God is guiding you in your choice. And all God wants is your happiness. That’s what your sister should want for you too.

  16. Yup. I get high everyday to try and fill it but I think it just temporarily distracts from it. Can’t be filled.

  17. Having a mental illness like this is a fucking shit show. It sucks the life out of you and it feels like it’s never going to end. I have plenty of days like this too. But lately I’ve been trying to cling to the hope that if I just keep trying at everything maybe someday things could be better. Even if your life fucking sucks, if you just wait it out, at least you can say you did it. And that’s definitely something to be proud of. That in spite of all the pain and suffering you went through, you stood your ground and demanded that space be held for you in this world. I know it’s not an easy thing to do. I hope you find comfort and maybe a little happiness amongst all the shittyness.

  18. You look like u could b a James Bond villain and it is a v powerful look 😳😍😍😍

  19. fucking stunning!!! look at you. that ass in those shorts looks AMAZING!

  20. Lately I’ve been watching HINDZ on YouTube and his videos are very comforting and motivating. I’ve been feeling lost but I’m trying to be excited about it because that gives me an opportunity to find myself and grow as a person. Every day is an opportunity to do better.

  21. Awesome! I hope it’s helping. I’ve been on Abilify for over 4 years and it really made a difference for me.

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