1. There was so much I wanted to do today but I'm just feeling restless. My depressions hitting hard for some reason and I doubt I'll be productive today. But I might paint tomorrow. We'll see.

  2. Wow, Can’t believe there are other people alive in this decade that know this movie

  3. I came across this movie late one night years ago and to this day I still don't know how I feel about it. It was interesting to say the least.

  4. Beautiful setup! Random side note: which Preston & Child are you reading? I love their series.

  5. I'm using the arteza premium paints. It's my first time with them so I'm still getting the hang of it.

  6. Awesome! Like vintage, but a bit warmer and more realistic. So much vitality. Makes me want to drink lemon water.

  7. If the white was another color I would have a big struggle to separate them 😅

  8. I think I'm going over it with more natural colors and see if I like it better.

  9. Nice job!! Be careful with that white though. It kinda flattens it.

  10. That's what I was thinking too. Honestly, I did it last and immediately regretted it.

  11. I thought her voice was weak and hard to hear. Her singing scenes were way the fuck too long.

  12. This sounds like it exactly, except it came out in 2013 so time isnt exactly right.

  13. Fear is why they're racist. You aren't going to fix it by adding more fear.

  14. My son had the same bedding and squishy toy in the back, for a second I thought it was his room 😅 cute kitty!!

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