1. Everything cracks on my 2017 Explorer and transmission failure with low miles. I used to love it.

  2. Try buying one from the 90's lol, my '94's developed 4 separate electrical problems within the last 10 days but it still works

  3. That ‘94 will last forever if you can avoid rust and maintain the engine. I’ve had a ‘94, ‘98, ‘01, and an ‘05 model at various points and the ‘94 with the 4.0 was the best followed closely by the ‘98 3.0

  4. The 4.0 OHV is a beast. Quick as tar, but reliable. The 4.0 SOHC that came later is more powerful but a bit of a reliability disappointment. It has a bit of body rust, but I've spent probably hundreds of hours at this point fixing stuff and replacing rusted mechanical parts like lines and a valve cover. Probably got less than $6k in the car, definitely less than 7. Only 122k miles and still runs better than a brand new Nissan. Also that '98 must've been a Ranger because the Explorer never got the 3.0. I've heard pretty good things about those engines as well minus some relatively simple maintenance quirks. At least, "simple" compared to those 4.0 SOHC timing chain guides...

  5. Lol I somehow read Explorer and thought Ranger. My bad.

  6. To be fair they were basically the same car from the b-pillar forward for years

  7. GZ on the right came out like, 8 years ago lmao, too bad they shitcanned Kojima and haven't made a real MGS game since 2015, imagine where it'd be now

  8. Happens on older steering wheels, can either get a replacement, a cover, or just wear gloves.

  9. I still have at least 3 or 4 crt's since they rarely break and are "better" for vintage gaming. Actually just got 2 more pretty nice Toshiba units from my mothers place of work. Built in 2000, I'd bet I could get at least $100 a piece for them but I won't sell unless I have to. They're weirdly going up in price because of the gaming thing.

  10. I mean the dumb fuck is trying to ban airsoft and paintball so cops don't accidentally shoot you

  11. Not really an AR guy but I just thought it was neat

  12. This one does look pretty clean, but about 65% of the external body panels are plastic covers so you wouldn't be able to tell anyway. My first gen Trac is absolutely destroyed by rust but you wouldn't be able to tell without looking close at the fenders or underneath.

  13. Every fork lift I’ve been on did and they do for a reason. Much safer for driver to be secure in the seat.

  14. This isn't technically a forklift, it's a counterbalance reach truck which you stand in. Realistically there should be a mesh metal shield between the operator and the mast which would prevent the operator from falling through at the cost of a relatively minor amount of visibility. At least that's the way it is on all of ours.

  15. I think my '94 averages around 11.5 if I did my math right, but my fuel pump situation is in a constant state of "who knows", and despite the fact that it leaked from multiple places the tank is constantly pressurized. Fixed the leaks, replaced the sending unit & seal, it reads a quarter tank low and now I can hardly get the cap off when it's time to fill, lol. Figuring something's screwy with the return but I'm not dropping the tank for a third time.

  16. He will have to slice Vinny's belly open and sleep inside for warmth.

  17. It's funny that you think 3-6ft equals "snowed in" in NY. Karl obviously doesn't do anything other than suckle at the teat of papa StutJo all day, so he doesn't have to go anywhere, but that's not to say he couldn't.

  18. Pulling it off wouldn’t negatively impact my car right ? Just trying to make sure.

  19. It's kind of difficult to tell what that is exactly, but assuming it's just some sort of trim or cover piece I'd say your probably fine without it

  20. There's a 3rd (I think) model S&W safety hammerless with pearl grips at a local shop that I'll never be able to find 38 S&W Shorts for but I still want. A revolver with a grip safety? Just neat imo. Dont remember if you can fire smokeless out of the 3rd models, though. Been a while since I looked at it

  21. Curb feelers were certainly a thing, weren't they?

  22. A car. If it hasn't been abused by at least 3 people before me how will I know if it's any good?

  23. I'm a sucker for a cassette radio, and I don't care if people say they're more reliable, cable driven accelerators are better to drive than modern electronic throttle bodies. I enjoy not having to lift my foot every second because my boot isn't heavier than the return on the pedal. Literally driven 4 hours across the state and back with the cruise control off because my foot doesn't get tired on the stiff pedal. Drove a newer F150 and my ankle was worn out after 5 minutes.

  24. I don’t think you are getting tapes back man. New trucks don’t even have CD players.

  25. If you have a really long screw driver and an angled bit attachment you may be able to just unscrew the latch depending on where/how it's attached. Worked on my '94 Explorer but obviously that's completely different.

  26. I unironically would because I have no idea where I'd find one of those exact fit for my ancient ass car, and they're probably like 4 whole dollars or some wild shit smh

  27. I bought a '94 Explorer last year with a list of problems of thesis-level proportions. I'm currently into it about as much as what you paid for the engine swap because I've been slowly fixing everything myself. It isn't worth selling because I still have things to fix (and very few people are in the market for 28+ year old Ford Explorers). I've learned quite a bit along the way, it's at a point where it's still a less than presentable car, but I'm confident it'll get me to wherever I need to go, and it's cost me a fraction of what anything newer than 2005 would cost me and is in far better shape for the rust belt. That's not an advocation for anyone to go out and buy some old car, you have to want to fix it, and you'll certainly have to fix it. 2012 is basically a brand new automobile in comparison to what I'm used to, so I'm sorry for your headaches.

  28. Normally I would say no, but for that price, I think it's a yes.

  29. If there's something I've learned from all the Facebook groups I'm in, if a 4.0 SOHC has over 130k miles and the chain guides haven't been replaced you're either extremely lucky or about to be extremely unlucky. It's a great engine aside from that one catastrophic problem they have...

  30. Not jazzed about the Transmission they’re paired with either but yeah the 4.0 is a time bomb

  31. Yeah I've heard that too, but so far in my experience mine's outlasted 2 Chevy transmissions so I'm not really complaining, lol

  32. Fulfilled the 'ol namesake a little too hard there, bud

  33. No, I already don't drink or get high, but I definitely don't want the responsibility of a billion dollars. I'd probably do it for maybe 100 grand, just enough enough to fix my truck and pay rent for a while, but again I already don't really drink and I've never been high in my life. Unless you count high blood sugar, then that would be hella convenient lmao

  34. The prev. owner ripped the factory cassette radio out of my '94 EB and swapped in some cheap-o JVC unit. Luckily they left the factory unit in the JVC box in the trunk, no idea if it's got the OEM pigtail, gotta check. One of these days I'll swap it back, just got other priorities with it at the moment. Also gotta figure out if it still works.

  35. I just bought a delphi sending unit kit for my '94 4.0 OHV Eddie Bauer from AutoZone, the locking ring was the wrong size, but there are a ton of other aftermarket locking rings available separately. How exactly is the pump the wrong one? Does it just not work as it should? Or does it blatantly not fit correctly in the tank? If it just isn't working well or right it could be a different issue like a clogged line or injectors. Also are you just replacing the electronic pump on the sending unit or the whole assembly? If I can find a pump for an engine they stopped making before I was born I'm sure you can find one for yours. They made that engine until at least 2010. I'm not a mechanic, nor have I ever touched a V8 Explorer, but it's a job I've done on mine so I'd like to give my two cents. Ford doesn't really manufacture or stock parts cor vehicles over ~10-15 years old so you aren't likely to find an OEM replacement from a Ford dealer, but fuel pumps are pretty simple and aftermarket ones should work fine.

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