what should women be allowed to do without being judged?

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  1. I'd say that Kathryn Ann Kingsley is the author to turn to for villains getting the girl. I love ACOTAR, but the MMC doesn't stay the villain. KAK has an absolute talent for creating villains as Male leads.

  2. Any particular story of hers you’d recommend I start with?

  3. I'm partial to the Illusions of Grandeur duet. But Harrow Faire is also brilliant. All of these are free on Kindle Unlimited in the US.

  4. Lmao this is shady, since he just lost half a billion.

  5. I think that’s the point. He can have it for an amount he can’t afford

  6. I even have a tough time finding comfortable clothing for my 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER because everything HAS to be spandex pants and tight shirts and tight this and that. Holy crap, they're kids. They just want to play in the sand and have mobility. Their day is done at 7:30pm anyway

  7. Little Star from Walmart makes some great and cheap shorts. I buy the kind with the draw string meant for little boys for my 4 year old daughter and she loves them. Old Navy also some great selections for kids and they do really great sales

  8. Having an interest in things that are known to be liked by predominantly men

  9. Anyone saying this doesn't happen had never been a woman in the 3D printing community

  10. Stalling until after the election takes place is key

  11. I had my mom look after me for 1 week. I couldn’t even sit up by myself for the first 4 days, I had to be pulled up

  12. Buying a side bar for the bed was the best decision I made for my second surgery

  13. 3 weeks wow I'm having a hard time getting help for the first day. This is so scary, it's just me and my son. I have to take him to and from school.

  14. I was told not to bend at the waist for 3 weeks because it could slow healing dramatically. So basically every chore in the house was off limits while I healed. Try to find as much help as you can for your own sanity and to help you heal. My recovery took close to 5 full weeks before I was feeling okay enough to return to work

  15. If i remember correctly, being famous messed with her head so she deliberately put the brakes on her career.

  16. Yeah, she ended up having to recover from an eating disorder and I remember the internet mocking her when she put on a healthy amount of weight. Good for her for staying away and prioritizing her health

  17. Can I be completely honest? I resented the hell out of her for the unrealistic beauty standards she forced on girls my age at the time The OC was popular. I was in high school also struggling with my own eating disorder and stars like her exacerbated that to a miserable degree. I understand now she was struggling with her own demons, but for fucks sake, what an awful example for young girls. And then to witness all the bullying… I felt that in my teenage soul.

  18. Same. It was a major contributor to my own eating disorder and self esteem issues.

  19. It’s a very bad look for them. It shows their maturity and their general ability to be held accountable for their actions is just not there at all. This picture screams to me, tell me you’re an entitled white man without using your words.

  20. What people expected her to do, spank him? From what I looked up it's an adult guy, why chase his mother rather than report him or w/e is the procedure about harassment on social media?

  21. From what I’ve gathered she was being harassed. I’d block someone who was pestering me about an event I had no control over. Go to the cops, you know, the ones that can actually help you in that situation… the fact she took it to Twitter and his mom tells me she doesn’t want help, she wants some form of apology or something. Either way, can’t fault an author for blocking someone. Nothing she could have said would have made the situation better. Or maybe legal advised her to block? Who knows. We never see the full picture

  22. I’ve read quite a few troubling findings about Rothfuss lately. The massive delay between books and the drama surrounding his charity funds makes me not want to read the third book. GRRM I’ll probably never read again because the last book was just bad.

  23. Keep getting recruiters like “oh it looks like the industry is heading more back to the office, you sure you only want remote?”

  24. As someone with endo, the ability to wear loose sweat pants to work has been an absolute game changer. I can have my heading pad or my ice pack under the table during my calls and live comfortably. I don’t think I’ll ever be going back unless they pry my laptop from my cold dead hands

  25. The article states the extra time is saved from commuting. The way the title reads as if they are not working during work hours and thats not what the study said.

  26. The phrasing of the headline had me, a remote worker that busts my ass, feeling some sort of way. Thank you for the clarification. I’ll go back and read it now lol

  27. I bled for 4 months straight before asking to be taken off of it. I swapped to Slynd and it has been amazing (after my body got used to it). The only downside is that my insurance doesn’t cover it so I have to order it in the mail from a store where some rep worked to get a special discounted price. Still runs me $55 for 3 months which sucks.

  28. And side note!! This happens quite frequently and i will experience discomfort for an hour or so or maybe a day at most and then itll sort itself out. But it especially happens on my period. And ive been cramping all month, along with abnormal discharge… so i wonder… good news is since ive posted this the pain is beginning to subside already!

  29. If you have discharge you should definitely go to the doctor.

  30. Yes. I had so many doctors appointments where they basically shrugged and sent me along my way. Turned out I had adhesions wrapped all the way around the front of my bladder. I still get so mad thinking about how long I suffered with these symptoms and was just told the medical equivalent of 🤷‍♀️

  31. Before my last surgery I did all the recommended diets and still experienced intense and extreme pain. I never heard anything about avoiding plastic or cardboard or metal. Does she expect you to become a farmer and grow your own food because ??? Anyway, the anti inflammatory diets were not able to combat the adhesions pulling my organs out of position. I kept the anti inflammatory diet after my surgery and now it seems to help dramatically. Pre surgery, not so much. I think everyone’s bodies are different and changing the foods you eat may cause a little relief but if endo is suspected the only cure (that I know of at least) is to remove all traces of the endo and not giving you pseudoscience to combat pain. I can tell when I mess up and eat something now that my body doesn’t like. I get extreme bloating and pain through my whole lower abdomen. I’d say find a new doctor (I know you said you’ve been through a lot of them at this point) preferably a specialist that deals exclusively in removing endo. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I hope you find someone soon that can help you get relief.

  32. Kemp is stomping Abrams in the polls currently and is, barring some insane turn of events, absolutely going to win. I don't think it's fair to say Kemp would be cheaping his way out on this one. Abrams hasn't run a good campaign. I say this as a GA voter who, while not a Democrat, absolutely refuse to vote republican and will be voting blue this whole cycle.

  33. Personally I thought her campaign has been pretty decent. Kemps has been… Nonexistent? And I don’t think they were saying ‘cheap’, I think they had a typo saying ‘cheat’, which he did last time.

  34. It all depends where you live. It definitely was autocorrect taking over

  35. Thank you! It’s double crochet and back post double crochet alternating back and forth between rows. I followed

  36. Thank you! It’s called lapping waves shawl. I followed a YouTube pattern by

  37. My doctor told me (after 2 surgeries for endo) that I would need a note from one of my surgeons explaining why I still had pain. I emailed the surgeon and he completely ghosted me. Having endo sucks. I’d still recommend asking. Worst they can say is no. I ended up seeing a different doctor and got a prescription for Naproxen that helps tremendously on my bad days

  38. My pain got so much worse after I had my daughter that I was basically bedridden until my surgeries. I’ve heard from some women that it has helped but my adhesions actually made my pregnancy extremely difficult and I believe they’re a major part of the reason I had my daughter at 29 weeks. The c-section I had to have to save us both caused the adhesions to grow and become so much worse. Once I had my surgery the specialist found adhesions had completely pulled whole sections of my intestines out of place and attached my left ovary and bladder to ligaments in my leg so when I walked it tried to pull my organs out of place.

  39. Absolutely bring them up. After surgery they found my stomach issues were caused by adhesions ripping my intestines out of place. My issues sound similar to what you have going on. I was told after my colonoscopy to just ‘eat more fiber and you’ll be fine.’ Also given the IBS diagnosis. The CEC in Atlanta helped get me relief. I hope your new doctor is able to help and provide relief too. I’ve been there and I know how fun it isn’t. Sending you all the gentle warm hugs and best wishes for getting diagnosed and having everything resolved.

  40. People now have unlimited teeth. As in, they will grow back if taken out. Imagine going to the dentist and their only job is to remove the tooth and pat you on the back.

  41. There are so many good hot fixes for the human body. Redesign the knees and lower back, I love your suggestion about our luxury bones. Make memories better. Why is trauma so much easier to remember than happy stuff? Let’s just apply some patches and call it a day.

  42. You are getting people saying your bed isn't level, which is very misleading. In reality, we can't tell at all how level your bed is from this picture. There isn't anything to indicate that your bed isn't level, but it is definitely too low down. You need to either raise your bed or lower your z offset. Most tutorials for bed leveling will bring your bed to close to the right height, so look one of those up and start there. If you already did that, then try lowering your z offset. When you big a print, watch it closely to see how the lines are being laid down. There should be a slight squish to it, but not so much that the line is conpletely flat. Right now you have no squish, so you aren't adhering to the bed. On your next print add a skirt, and as the skirt prints, live adjust the z offset slowly down until you get a bit of squish, then run your finger lightly of the line. If it brushes off, you don't have anough adhesion, so lower it a bit more.

  43. Definitely all this. YouTube has some really amazing tutorials to try and also a lot of videos on setting up printing profiles within Cura. I'd also recommend replacing the springs that come with the Ender bed with some that are more firm to help keep your bed level and more stable for longer periods of time.

  44. We could use more workers in Iowa. Lots of small towns here dying slowly as the kids move away. Plenty of room for new folks.

  45. Same with small towns in Georgia. Farmers are going out of business because oops we deported and scared away everyone working our fields! What do we do nowwwww

  46. Exactly. We had to close this because of these people. Doesn't that make you angrier? It's absolutely a tactic used the further the divide.

  47. Ok, I’ll try lowering the temp, thanks

  48. This is where I keep mine too. Give it a good wipe down with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth and then give the new temp settings a go and you should be all set

  49. Just here to make sure I don’t qualify - so far so good!

  50. I was also ghosted. And u am in Europe, Holland. I had one phone call if about 5 mins with gyno 2 weeks after surgery. He didn't find it necessary to do a new ultrasound to see what's going on. That was that. Unfortunately I'm still with him. Endo and adeno have returned. I'm in constant pain. So let's see what he's going to do

  51. I'm so sorry you're going through that. I hope you get relief soon. Sending you all the hugs and positive vibes.

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