1. Right!? “I’m just going to go into a radioactive environment in gym shorts and Sandler, better be safe and wear my gas mask. Don’t want the radioactive material in my lungs.” He is the one guy I won’t feel sorry for when he gets cancer and every other radioactive related illness.

  2. They are real, but the context is setup. They paid these homeless people to steal their own bikes.

  3. So if the guy snaps his neck and dies, are you held responsible? Otherwise the full video of all these people is hilarious.

  4. The video was scripted anyway there's a whole bunch of people doing this and you can tell that they brace for the crash right at the end of the rope

  5. To be fair, Steam, Battlenet etc don't work either.

  6. Oh shit.yeah,gonna have to try it all again now that that's clean.

  7. nothing helped annoyingly. I even reverted back to a system restore point i made 3 days ago and still not working

  8. I think you need to look at the hosts file again. You said it wasn't there, that doesn't make sense, it must be hidden. Something in there is directing all your traffic. It's common for infections.

  9. The fine print expressly excludes prior purchases

  10. but not here. first, it crosses state lines. second, you'd need a warrant for anything other than talking to the guy. he's going to deny it, that's end of the story.

  11. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/ga-z170-hd3-boot-loop-5-beeps-solved.2844109/

  12. Did the lady in yellow shit herself? What is on the ground behind her at the end?

  13. If you go back you can see it right after they said let go of her hair. The pixels tried to blur it out, but it looks like someone may have emptied their drink or something.

  14. I just installed the most recent BIOS, but how do I uninstall the network drivers? Do i click disable device? Or uninstall device?

  15. https://www.google.com/search?q=uninstall+network+drivers

  16. Just uninstalled, and when I reinstalled still having the same issue. Idk if it'd be easier to hop on a discord call and share my screen? I'd be down

  17. You removed them all (under network adapters) and checked the box that said "delete software" or whatever it prompts? That's strange. Maybe it's a bad cable? This resets everything usually and forces a clean install, even wipes previously saved SSIDs

  18. can't really do that anymore. sandisk used to have U3 devices that had a partition that would auto launch, it became a massive injection tool for hackers and thieves. autoplay is pretty much dead for windows for major security reasons.

  19. Aaaaw, unlucky... ty anyways ^^. Do you know by any chance if there's a way to just create the partition as a CD Disk without the autoplay feature?

  20. It was only on that U3 device that I'm aware. Some have a small switch to make them read only, but the point of a flash drive is to be rewritten. Might have to reach out to a company that prints on flash drives to see if it's something they offer

  21. 'online' means nothing. WHERE online? From the actual premier inn website, an entry on Google maps that has the wrong number, a social media account...

  22. the internet is only like 3 sq miles, it can't be that hard to find

  23. most exes aren't sent via email, they're some random sharepoint link that they want the user to click, redirects to another site, then wants you to login to steal your creds, then downloads the file. at this point, the user is almost guaranteed to open it if they went through all those steps already.

  24. i usually go full throttle. you can teach them not to click stuff and how to spot them, but if they don't know what is possible it's hard for them to care. show them what a RAT does on the computer and what is at stake. like electricity, you can tell kids not to fuck with outlets, but showing them what could happen would really bring it home.

  25. Lol cant even bend your knees enough to take regular stairs. Emergency? Good luck getting it off to get away fast enough. Looks stupid as fuck too, may work in a very unique workshop environment, but no fucking way people adopt this. Stupider than Google glasses.

  26. Maybe if you watched the YouTube video you’d see it was a cart narcs prank 😂😂😂

  27. It’s literally a Reddit rule, mods have to enforce it or Reddit will take action against the sub

  28. My exhusband had a bunch of pictures saved of naked women pointing 80s-era hair dryers at their shaved genitals. He either would or could not explain it and I still really wanna know what the deal was, LOL.

  29. My gf can get off on me just breathing slowly on here down there. Never know.

  30. Genital mutilation. Any sort of needles or pins or nails or whateverthefuckelse getting stabbed through dicks, balls, labia, nipples, etc etc.

  31. Why is is always paid less than new hires then they bitch about quiet quitting or whatever spin they want to put on it today.

  32. My retail days long ago, got hired at a Best Buy for about $11/hour. I knew my shit and sold what the customer needed.

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