1. Cory Graves always sees things the exact same way I see them, very rarely do I disagree with one of his takes. Above all else, he is always spot on with The Miz and that's what matters to me most.

  2. What the heck was up with the police arresting that guy lol

  3. The fact that you replied to a different comment and used the phrase โ€œmy guyโ€ tells me everything I need to know about you.

  4. Clearly you can't read what I said, the "I wouldn't even put him in the top half of competitive drivers" quote was not a reference to his racing ability (in fact, I'm a fan of Chase the driver because of his racing acumen), but in terms of being slighted by unlucky breaks. More often than not, things work out for Chase, I don't really see how anyone can call him unlucky nowadays like you are. But hit me with the personal attack, MY GUY

  5. I feel personally attacked that you felt the need to blast my simple and harmless topic of discussion in the first place.

  6. Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by Regina George

  7. Now NASCAR throws the caution fast when Elliott leads... Where was this when Brad was in the wall with 3 to go at Nashville? Protecting the posterboy at his hometown track again ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  8. How is the WWE going to survive money in the bank without having the most must-see superstar in all of the WWE in the match...THE MIZ!

  9. Just wanna hijack the thread real quick and say- did anyone else find it odd that they didnt even mention Pitbull in the Justin Marks interview?

  10. This is tough -- and it's hard to do. I'd like to see Corey Lajoie pull his old man and do that. Jeff Green was a part-timer in Cup in the late 90s before dominating Busch. (then went back up to Cup).

  11. Custer, Bayne, Preece imo would all be viable options to be Xfinity lifers and do very well as title contenders. Ty Dillon would probably be best fit in Xfinity as well, sneaking a win a year in RCR equipment. That is if we're talking about past Cup drivers and those hanging on a thin wire.

  12. I didn't even think of Bayne, but I was glad to hear on the broadcast this week he is actively making calls to try and get a ride next year. Even though I don't love the Toyotas, I would love to see him get a full time ride at JGR in the 18 or 20 and have the other car go back to the rotating car or even go full time to Sam Hunt and take the 26. I would think he would be a playoff caliber driver in either equipment and could make at least the round of 8

  13. Thanks! I'm a Big The Miz Fan and would definitely be interested in going to a Live Show, but I would walk away very disappointed if he wasn't involved in the show. Do you think it would be better to try and just go to a RAW show?

  14. These USA network reality shows gotta be some kind of money laundering scheme, there's no way anyone watches this stuff

  15. Miz and Mrs just had their most watched show since the debut episode, they are a good 30 or so episodes into the series and it's picking up steam.

  16. I was just thinking that. This show is unbearable

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