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  1. Slept in a bed naked with me but we’re just friends even though I’m really important to her 🪦

  2. I would see a therapist for advice, not a Reddit—but I would get really clear about what you really want for yourself, and realize that this is gunna really suck any way you stack it.

  3. Because he’s the fucking goat and top 3 strongest in all of fiction

  4. hello! i found this trombone on the side of the road for free, and i’m having trouble finding any other information about it. i believe the serial number is 105277 but that doesn’t match any formatting i can find. anyone know about these?

  5. wow, thanks! any idea what it’s worth? or more worth holding onto and getting into playable shape?

  6. I mean you can reference what these are going for on eBay, but it’s a really good horn. You won’t regret taking it into a shop and spending 100-200$ to get quality work done on it

  7. I disagree with others here. It's not about being inspired. But you do have to use your imagination to come up with the next idea, a contrasting idea. You could it mechanically: since it should be a contrasting idea, change the texture, change the key, etc. But to make all this worthwhile for you, and the listener, do what it takes to come up with the next good idea. Getting away from the keyboard or whatever, getting a little space from it, and wait for an idea to poop into your head. I wouldn't call that 'inspiration', but basic composition technique of using your musical thinking and musical imagination to come up with a good contrasting idea. Why settle for ho hum music for a teacher's deadline or whatever. Come up with an idea that is original and inspiring. Composers do it all the time, because they are trying extremely hard to make it very good music, like they're trying to please a higher power or whatever their high bar is. (I had a great teacher who would say to us, 'write it like you're trying to please a really important person." It's about very serious effort, with good technique, and high purpose. I think the advice to do it as pure craftsmanship without any inspiration is ill advised, unless you're on a paid deadline like for film or video game. You should really set the bar high to use your musical imagination to get your next idea, especially when you need a contrasting idea, like a second theme in sonata form. It's not merely a variation, but a new idea. Music should be great. Try really hard to come up with good ideas. It's not all craftmenship. Like Bach use to call it....'invention.' Then the elaboration of it is more set up.

  8. This is great advice—and it’s the way Edison and Salvador Dali worked. Take breaks to let your brain wander and almost fall asleep. Letting the diffuse side of your brain work the problem for you is really helpful

  9. My composition teacher always said “all sins can be forgiven except sins of form”

  10. people play sol ring so much in commander i think they forget that it’s a solid contender for strongest card of all time

  11. Imho the strongest non-ante card. Contract from below is the strongest card of all time.

  12. Yamamoto obviously, sure he kinda lost as a captain commander during the invasion, but that was pretty reasonable for him.

  13. In the lore the stories we hear about his leadership are good, but we never once see him operate as a terribly respectable leader in the entire series.

  14. Kyoraku, easy. He has a great sense of duty and doesn’t let his feelings get in the way, but he also knows when it’s time to rest.

  15. I like that bankais are younger—reclaiming an amount of innocence and youth

  16. It’s normal to have doubts about what’s going to happen to your work especially in a volatile environment like manga where new and old things can just fall and get cancelled but Kubo should’ve gone all out and not worry about what people were going to say if it was cancelled and introduced stuff and follow the story how he wanted (of course with the editors input thats always going to be there whether he wants it or not but editor’s input is not what’s being argued here).

  17. How long has Kubo had frail health? I know that caused issues during tybw, but do you think that influenced the way he told the story overall?

  18. That would be sick. I’d love to see the way the end pans out. We see the gotei 13 as big Ichigo fans (largely) but we don’t often see their more vile and controlling side.

  19. In defence of K-grip, I think I only really include it in decks that need the Graveyard. It does a lot of work against [[Nihil Spellbomb]] and [[Relic of progenitus]]

  20. Sad Robot is good because he is cheap (in $) and can be played in any deck. I don’t think it’s the best at what it does but for deck building, it is a fine card to understand and adapt to your ramp/draw package. Sad Robot has a versatility on a meta level that other cards don’t have.

  21. See: “Who is the first Pokémon? Bulbasaur, Ryhorn, Mew, or Arceus”

  22. Well one time they had the entire fucking kanto region as an end game. So I would like to see any care at all

  23. Maybe yes and maybe he’ll reveal more info about the in the Hell arc

  24. I’m sorry that people made you feel you were a problem and needed to try harder.

  25. The best aid to learning clefs that worked for me was to photocopy your music, and with a red pencil, highlight the ‘C’ line.

  26. We'll probably see them in the Hell Arc (if it ever happen).

  27. They need to just throw in the towel and make the biggest top down game in history 😤

  28. Great analysis of both the card and more deeply imo why cards that are amazing in 1v1 can fail to translate to multiplayer.

  29. Yeah why not pay 1-2 mana to get the card you are hoping to draw

  30. How fucking powerful would the set need to be to not need reserved list staples?

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