1. Dude I open them, buy extras and make customs. When you start making customs it changes your perspective on all toys, What can I use to make something else I want to make? If you have fun looking at them in the box then keep them that way if you want to go out in the mud and play with them go out in the mud. Live your best life whatever you choose it’s the right choice for you

  2. Hi, transfem team member here. Currently on leave for my bottom surgery, which is pretty great. :)

  3. I think that’s great that you can finally be yourself and excepted. Congratulations. I also work for Meijer, I feel excepted for who I am and really love the diversity of my fellow employees, we are all stronger together, especially when we support each other.

  4. Indeed. I'm not as big as you. But I'm above average. My wife can only handle so much. Most times I don't get to finish cause she gets sore.

  5. Facts I actually wrap the old boy up in a wash cloth, I didn’t really think other people had this issue.

  6. Wow! My favorite Joe. Not the greatest codename given his file card bio though, ha!

  7. What figure is the head from? Something about it reminds me of John Cena…

  8. Thanks man, updates will be coming soon its gonna be even better lollz

  9. Technically speaking it could be “Flint & Run” still trying to tool out a helmet, not sure if I’m going to use a different head sculpt all together. Fun stuff

  10. Dude. Hasblow will release this in 2028

  11. Thank you it’s my first custom, I thought it would be fun and it is

  12. I love that shot...every element of it!! Ditto the comment previous to mine as well!

  13. YOU OPENED A TREASURE HUNT!!!!! Love it, sweet pick Jeep in its natural element

  14. He definitely looks cool! I’m guessing it’s a Gung Ho body? I was toying with the idea of getting a custom head/gloves/armor to covert my 2007 Gung Ho into Big Boa, and this is encouraging.

  15. That’s exactly what I said and the creator confirmed it is a GungHo with 3D printed parts super great guy

  16. Watched a FSS Big Boa bid out at $255 (holy shit) this past week, that’s why I’m tempted to customize one.

  17. I’ve been working on my own version of cover girl for a couple weeks and they announced they are making one lol the irony

  18. Thanks for the heads up, now just to wait a month for them to ship it hahahaha

  19. I know they’ve got their critics and issues, but I’ve happily used them for all toy purchases for about 15 years, but they ship soooo slowly!!

  20. I first ordered from them in 2013 for the slaughters marauder and drednok exclusive sets. Never had any issues with anything being damaged or lost just the waiting arg

  21. My local scalper tried to offer me like 5 treasure hunts for a super and I told him to dig deeper, also I teach local people collecting hot wheels how to find supers and treasure hunts so they can increase their collecting, hunting is part of the fun. I can’t always scalp the scalper but with enough community we can stop them

  22. I have one but I really wanted the bone shaker idk why I love that thing

  23. I just put in my order, I was going to post this too. You beat me to it. After my confirmation email I got a second email saying it was preparing to ship. Fingers crossed

  24. This is a TH the flame symbol should also appear on the back of the card near the peg holder.

  25. That’s almost how it happened to me at Target a few weeks ago.

  26. Yep Case A looked like they had just opened it before I walked up, I found two of the Batman but I handed the other one directly to my sister

  27. The profit director he is still available for retail from several online stores, maybe even GameStop I haven’t checked in a few days

  28. The artwork is super great! I totally agree I have the boxes displayed on the shelf art side out

  29. Indeed, South Haven Michigan Walmart yep turned the corner into electronics, and boom!

  30. Found mine when I left work (I work at the Mart of Walls). If I hadn't seen your post, I probably wouldn't have thought to look, so thanks. 😁

  31. Dearly beloved… We are gather today to pay respects to Quick Kick… the best damn Hollywood Stuntman for Frozen Fudgey Bars!!!!

  32. I too got my quick kick in this fudgey bag, from the magazines he lost both his thumbs in the cobra living room war of 1987

  33. Great 80s figures, great display…. Humble bragging achievement! Lollz good vibes

  34. Come on, an off-road van is cool, just look up some modded Delicas

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