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  1. congrats! i havent finished my art exhibit yet but i do have some extras, you can message me and i'll let you know if i have them. maybe in hopes for some cool sanrio stuff :3

  2. I have a Goat on my island named Gruff and I'm SURE he loves green too ;p

  3. It was a match made in heaven, i even made airport style landing zones that spell out Debt

  4. Didn’t respond earlier cuz I was dealing with PC problems, turns out my surge protector just died

  5. Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that 😥 Well, I can always make you a cave whenever you want, and I have spare customization kits as well 😊

  6. I’m ready now, and computer is fine! Grabbed an extra surge from work and everything. What’s the cave cost? I’ll bring mats if I can. I wanna visit!

  7. You change the date and time on your switch in system settings

  8. This just gets worse the longer I look at it. Why don't you even have a toilet? Why is there a camera? Is the guy on the dresser alright?

  9. Thanks! Who needs a toilet when you can just take a shit on the floor?

  10. This feels so much like you're baiting with this....

  11. Unless I'm mistaken, you have to deliver plants. They won't be able to dig them up unless they are on your friends list.

  12. In order to breed gold roses you simply water a black rose with a golden watering can.

  13. Lol, I have over 200 now. Thanks. Also you can simply save your gold nuggets by waiting for rainy days.

  14. Hello 👋 I have the recipie for a ruined seat that you can have, and I'll let you catalog my elegant kimono stand. I also have a zen lowboard as well, so just DM me if your interested 😄

  15. I think I can make you a gold cat and you can catalog my science pod. I’ll have to check if I have the tv with VCR but if I I do you’re welcome to catalog it.

  16. Oh hell yeah. Well thank you. I have a lot of stuff, anything you’ve been looking to catalogue?

  17. I think so, and aside from a few bad apples it’s easy to make friends with people. I still play with people from work and casual hang out spots, and I’ve been playing since launch. Only got me more invested after the 2.0 update

  18. I got her from there too and I was like WHAT! Then the next time someone came to my camp was my favorite character and I was like ooooooo

  19. Oh shit, hopefully I get the same luck. I’m trying to make my villagers into like relationships. So I have Tank and Meringue, Beau and Shino, Kiki and Anka are girlfriends and Kyle and Gruff are boyfriends

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