He will remember this for the rest of his life. (fetched from: @biphakathi)

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  1. This photo looks like it could be from the 1960s! I love it!

  2. I know that area well. I grew up there near Dobbins. It's can be confusing if you're not familiar, but not THAT confusing!

  3. Because they like it and it makes them happy. Don't like it, move along and stay in your lane.

  4. Too many Republicans use the "yard sign count" as their measure for support.

  5. Depends on the area for sure. There are growing pockets of blue all over.

  6. Visit your state’s Cooperative Extension Service website and poke around. Search things like sheet erosion control, erosion control and native plants. Natives evolved in your climate and are typically disease resistant and pollinator friendly. Also use the site to get the contact information for the agent assigned to your county. Contact them and ask for advice. You can ask them to come out to the school and make recommendations. They should also be familiar with the Master Gardener groups in your area. Master Gardeners will happily share plants and expertise. They don’t actually do the digging, etc but are trained to provide research and science based information an advice. Their mission is to educate the public so your project is in their wheelhouse.

  7. Professional here. If you came to me with this problem, I'd first suggest stone. However, I can see how kids messing with the stones is an issue. While I normally call weed fabric snake oil, it does a good job of slowing and stopping silting. A layer of weed fabric and mulch would fix the issue. Your Township may have a free much pile. Normally I suggest not to use that mulch, but in a commercial application like this would be okay. Outside of transporting the mulch, the weed fabric would only cost about $20.

  8. I just so happen to get mine the day this came out! It really helped put me at ease after listening! I was laughing at the timing because I was getting anxious leading up to that day!

  9. Still love these cars. Maybe I'll get one some day.

  10. Honestly I'd be stopping to look at the Ford over the other cars every time.

  11. I'm 39 so I'm the leading edge of millennials. My wife and I bought in 07 then immediately got swamped with the 08 mess. With help from both her parents and mine, we made it through and kept the house. We're planning on staying as long as possible in it and then giving it to our daughter one day. If nothing else, it's at least big enough for her to live there with us as long as she pleases. I am so depressed at the state of this country.

  12. If it was not for "loans" from both sets of parents, we would have lost our house. I just can't believe where we're at. Lots of the politicians are so disconnected that it is not even funny.

  13. You don't need that crap. Lucky day for you! Trust me!

  14. Congrats! I'm at home recovering after I got mine yesterday! I got a big bucket of ice cream and a large baconator. Feels good

  15. I hope you got a cool bandaid and a toy as well.

  16. No no no, he's our mess to deal with at this point. I wouldn't wish him or Greg Abbott is a little piss baby, on anyone else.

  17. I bet you tell everyone how it has a "Corvette motor"

  18. I'm an elementary school teacher. The kids remind me daily that I may as well have existed at the same time as George Washington, or the Vikings, or ancient Egyptians, or ...

  19. Ha! Just yesterday a younger 20-something asked me what it was like to be an "adult" before 2008(for the housing) and 2001(needs no explanation). It honestly took me aback because i still can't believe that there are 20+ year old people who weren't alive pre-9-11.

  20. Then that person should have bought it or offered you more money for it. Otherwise, it's your car. Don't tell me what to do with my own stuff!

  21. This looks like a very different movie that I'd love to watch as well.

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