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  1. Arena map bonus was Lightning Unit HP Up 20%, Lightning Unit Mag 30%. Sylvie was the 75% bonus unit and her VC was also 75%. Round 30 was also a bonus card. I did skip Summer Helena and Cherise, so this is the highest bonus I could stack for this team for the purposes of this video. I did some more tests after the video and having less luck/evade, but using a nicer weapon won me more consistent fights.

  2. oh cool, i didn't know you post em here also. been watching ur vids for a bit. i really like them and the editing. great job on them.

  3. Love your infographics. Hurricane are no joke n this one us a strong one. Hope you stay safe above all.

  4. You should watch the Don't Starve Challenge. It's a classic

  5. I really enjoy these. I've looked over em all. these are really informative. look forward to future ones


  7. People have their money stuck in there. Looks like since Robinhood let people buy more GameStop just now the volume went up.. I AM FUCKING HOLDING GUYS IM LETS DO THIS 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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