1. Sorry I’m unclear. I am looking for the word that refers to the character or person who is the bad example.

  2. I know there’s more important things to change, I’m so aware that there’s thousands of terrible points that could be made better, but genuinely out of all the things, I would give Draco a proper character arc starting in the fifth books. I always felt like it was incredibly unfair to write this character, who is a perfect foil for Harry, and just leave him to be eternally a POS. I’m all for redemption arcs, especially for a character who was a literal child being swayed by his family’s political views. It would have been nice to see him think for himself and overcome his family’s expectations and bigotry. I know he… kind of did that? But it would have been a lot better if JKR actually cared about her characters and saw ANYTHING but “black and white, good or evil, no in between”

  3. I agree. Draco deserved better. Really, any arc that acknowledged that Lucius was one of the worst fictional parents of all time. He trafficked his own son.

  4. Is the rest of his body fine? Does he maybe have arthritis or aging pains? It could be a pain response. Cats are weird that way.

  5. I’m so, so very sorry. May he have blessings of peace ❤️

  6. Here’s the Auntie Abby guide to tell if you’re too old to wear something:

  7. Thank you, Auntie Abby! Can this be on billboards everywhere, please?

  8. Yum! My favorite kind. It’s looks great. Very light and fluffy. Enjoy!!!

  9. Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a very nice horror/mystery with a side of romance. It’s a fun ride. Good in audiobook form.

  10. lemme go find the audiobook for this. Also, I think I heard somewhere that the mc is bi?? could you confirm or deny this for me lmao

  11. I can’t confirm nor deny. If it was brought up, it wasn’t central to the story.

  12. Thank you for giving her a loving home. I have an “untouchable and unadoptable” shelter cat. She, too, transformed shortly after we brought her home. Princess Peanut looks like a beautiful sweetheart, and I wish you much joy with her ❤️

  13. I’m so sorry. It will always be a hole in your heart, but it will get easier to carry with time. May they have blessings of peace ❤️

  14. What a lovely floof. Glad he’s living his best life 😻

  15. ‘Because eventually they want you to do this!’

  16. Yes Queen, you may have all the warm clean laundry! Love her floofy ness and her beans. I am totally stealing McMurdermittens. Give your queen a pet from me.

  17. May she have blessings for quick and complete healing ❤️

  18. Touch the map screen, and in the upper right click the volume icon that appears. You can then select alerts only, or complete silence. I wish they would have kept the ability to tap like we had in iOS 14.

  19. I’m in the states, but have the identical squirrel (actually 2 of them), and got so excited thinking I could send one to them, but upon rereading the post, owner has tried that route, and the cat is attached to that one particular toy. This story hurts my heart.

  20. I wonder if a squirrel that didn’t smell new would, in fact, work?

  21. That’s a good point. I just realized that the squirrels I have are 17 years old! A co-worker bought me the first one, because I fed a squirrel at work. It has a Velcro tummy with a cat nip pouch. When we adopted our tortie, I gave it to her. A few months later, our tuxedo kitten joined our family, and became enamored with it, so I bought a second one, so they would each have their own. Both are still in good condition. I am not on any other social media, so if anyone wants to reach out to the person on twitter about it, feel free to have them message me.

  22. I messaged the group on Facebook, but it’s likely they’ll think I’m a bit crazy. Worth a try.

  23. My chest with a heated blanket>oh, who am I kidding, that’s really the preferred seat, all else is for lesser beings

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