1. The Chastain Rule -- "A legal pass on the final lap must consist of a good faith attempt to cleanly complete the corner without contacting the wall"

  2. I genuinely can't decide if this should be a rule or not. On one hand, you're right. 100%. This will be the new norm and it puts drivers in danger. On the other hand, how the fuck do you even TRY to police this? How do you word the rule? How do you judge that?

  3. it'll just be another judgement call in the hands of NASCAR but thankfully, it'll be among the easiest judgement calls to make. I forsee some kind of "good faith" requirement where we eventually get a scandal when somebody wins after passing on the outside, bouncing/tapping on the wall because they exited a bit too hot and everyone complains that it should've/shouldn't have been penalized

  4. Needs to be suspended and fined, that's not hot-head shoving/scrapping for ratings, that was a sucker punch outta nowhere and guys die all the time from getting their head bounced off of concrete in street fights where the exact same thing happens. It's assault and honestly, charges need to be filed because you just can't do that.

  5. NASCAR could solve a ton of problems by doing a NASCAR-version of Hard Knocks, All or Nothing, etc. that put drivers, teams, staff, and the like into people's living room, firesuits and all. You could literally have a meeting with a sponsor as an episode, effectively making the whole thing an ad in disguise.

  6. Well if so, I've never seen it on Netflix/Amazon like I have the ones for F1, NFL, rugby, EPL, etc.

  7. Looks like ich. Best treatment I've found so far, after much heartache, was Tetra LifeGuard and half-dose Tetra IckGuard. Since finding that combo, I'm (knock on wood) death free! Good luck.

  8. Greatest sports moment in history IMO. Nothing else really comes close

  9. Illegal modification, $100k fine and 200 point penalty. Can't be messing with spec opossums

  10. I think comparing is tough. This car is different, being waaaaay more brutal in crashes. I'm also curious what the speed was during each of these, because that plays a role. The move Bubba pulled, in this hard crashing car, at that part of the track, going as fast as they were, was downright dangerous. NASCAR has to set a precedent now before someone ends up dying. We forget since it's been safe for so long that guys dying in motorsports is actually the norm and we've been in a staggeringly safe period, but if someone hooks a guy at Dega or Daytona like that? Can't let it happen.

  11. my least favorite thing about modern NASCAR is the elimination of victory lane...coolest moments ever are the guys climbing out, in victory lane, as beer/coke/gatorade gets flung all over the place while an android woman creepily smiles in the background with her Sprint firesuit

  12. Bubba needs to be parked for a few races, fined, and have points penalties. Totally unacceptable hooking someone at nearly 200 into the wall. Add in the shoving afterward, and the total lack of remorse in his comments? I don't know how NASCAR lets this go without severe penalty. You know guys are getting severely concussed out there from hits softer than that, and you run up and shove a dude multiple times right after taking a big shot on the driver door like that? Downright dangerous to not park him and make an example.

  13. Inb4 he goes to the Falcons and joins Pitts as lineup bait taunting you from your bench

  14. Fil having a GOB "I've made a huge mistake" moment

  15. Look, this team deserves some time to find their feet. Hynes’ system is notoriously hard to learn and excel at. So many factors to consider to perfect his system. Factors like: angle, speed, and determining which exact corner to desperately dump the puck into. Do you send F1, F2 or both forwards into the zone to chase? It depends on the other teams D-zone set up! When you retrieve the puck in the corner and pass back to the D for a low probability shot from the blue line do you pass to D1, D2, or, do you blindly cycle it behind the net? Creative back pass to no one in the slot? Depends on the analytics!

  16. What a cool thing, so happy Josi got to have that experience. You know that's one of those things he'll cherish for the rest of his life. He'll be old and grey in a nursing home talking about the time he came back and got to play in Bern while in the NHL.

  17. You should follow some Champions Hockey League games in Europe then. It happens every season.

  18. never heard of it but as neat as that is, I really want to watch teams I know face off against foreign leagues. I've always been envious of Europeans for the ability to watch your favorite teams play against the best in the world, league-be-damned

  19. "StUdEnT lOaNs WiLl TuRn BaCk On AnY dAy NoW" yeah nah, that was always getting punted past the midterms. Ditto with this, there is zero chance they let this keep spiraling through midterms. Just like around primary season, tinkering will be done to make gas cheaper, markets do well, and everyone will forget things are mid-meltdown for just long enough to cast a ballot

  20. I haven't been playing long so my answer may be incorrect...

  21. What's your formation? And I'm assuming no "work ball into box" turned on? 40 shots is insane, I only see anything close to that in my save when I friendly my 9th division affiliate lol

  22. Game time is extremely inaccurate; I have a tendency to leave the game on in the background

  23. Same, FM18 says I have 6450 hours but I only got to like 2028. Got Morecambe to the Championship. Really wish we could export old saves into the new year so we could keep our roster & history, I dragged my feet buying new versions because I didn't want to let it end

  24. Not really, promotion in unloaded leagues is just based on a random dice roll with everyone's reputation values as the weights.

  25. Ah, bummer. Will sending over more players up reputation?

  26. What a shame. Guess I'll just keep bothering the board until they give in...

  27. This is Lewis. He is 13, in great health and is a super chill kitty. The longest I have left him alone is 2 days, otherwise I have someone watch him. The problem is the people that normally watch him are going with us on the weekend trip.

  28. If you're worried about him getting lonely/bored, leave a TV on with animal planet or something.

  29. Mullvad, it's one purely for privacy and doesn't work for streaming.

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