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  1. yeah adblue is a right pain in the arse, im not sure how far they last on cars but its ususally quite a few hundred miles per tank (could be wrong i only used them on HGV's).

  2. My vauxhall movano gets about 1500 miles before it starts screaming at me to fill it up again.

  3. I don’t use chainsaws often but when I do I make sure my wife is out there with me. She used to get annoyed. Then I just asked if she ever heard of a minor chainsaw accident. This reaffirms my position.

  4. Also, her being there decreases your probability of getting injured by 50 percent.

  5. I bought a leatherman wave in 1999, on a whim. Never had a multitool before that, or even knew they existed.

  6. Not on TV but was shown in our primary school, the danger of playing on a farm.

  7. Ah, yes. Apaches. Good Times. Certainly not haunting nightmares.

  8. Rape. In Britain, women cannot legally rape men. Before you accuse me of sexism, look it up. In UK legislature, rape cannot be performed by women.

  9. I can't remember the exact timing but also up until something like 1986, a husband could force himself on his wife and that wasn't classed as rape.

  10. If it's just for more space, keep everything and store the items in a small bag instead and lose the bulky box.

  11. I just did a quick google and you're entirely correct.

  12. Police mutual got me cheaper insurance than other quotes for the first year I called them in 2018. Stayed with them until December this year. They wanted £485 for the vehicle they'd been inauring since 2017, up by about 80 quid.

  13. What?! They go on every roast dinner in our house! A Yorkie is for life lol.

  14. I wondered from an outside perspective lol. I’ve been skating seriously for 6 years and couldn’t do this in 10000 try’s

  15. I'll try Leatherman - the worst they can say is no. I actually bought the MT from Heinnie Haynes - they're a great outfit.

  16. You need to get the person with the screenshot to send them to the police. Now.

  17. Or a very old curmudgeon who’s had a few whiskeys and can’t figure out how to spell his own profession

  18. wonder if can get something sterile, if really need to cut something? Is there something small, cheap and sterile for sale somewhere?

  19. You can buy a folding knife that takes scalpel blades. Can't remember the name now but they exist.

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