AITA for firing an employee returning from maternity leave?


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  1. Had a surgical tech condescendingly ask me why I was having an elected cscection. Not that it should matter, but I look a lot younger than I am and most of the staff in the hospital treated me very poorly. I didn’t know what to say, so I was a bit rude. “Did you even read my chart? I don’t have a choice. I have a bicornuate uterus, a marginal cord attachment and baby isn’t growing, and he’s also breech. This has been recommended since I was 24 weeks.” (baby born at 37 weeks).

  2. I hate when people ask questions when it's directly there in the chart. I kept getting people asking me about my daughter's eating and drinking habits. She is 90% tube fed. Then they ask why she is tube fed.

  3. Jesus rollerblading Christ. That last photo needs a warning.

  4. His hair stresses me out. I am assuming that's the second youngest kid. I have some leave-in conditioner that would work wonders

  5. You're ignoring a lot of the systemic factors that can preclude people from voting. Often times minorities are in less favorable positions to go out and vote because they are less likely to have the leeway to afford taking a day off of work to vote.

  6. Voting is such a hassle. I still do it but it's such a hassle. They took away mail-in voting again for reasons. So now I have to figure out where to vote and what day it is. Also I have to fit voting in my schedule because I still have to work all day. I want to vote in local elections but it's hard to find out who is even on the ballot and then figure out their position on things. Most of the local candidates don't have a website or anything for me to learn anything about them

  7. No person ever has gotten up to 40 weeks and said, this isn't going to work, sign me up for an abortion.

  8. Even if they did, where are they going to find a doctor to perform it?

  9. Hasn't this always been a thing? It is in Canada.... The goals of care can be switched to comfort and pain management to allow babies to pass peacefully in their family's arms. That's what neonatal palliative care is all about. I even saw a documentary about a physician that did it in the US a few weeks ago.

  10. It's also a thing in the US. I actually got to meet the neonatal palliative team at the hospital I delivered at and they were super nice. My daughter has a birth defect with a low survival rate.

  11. Now I'm not sure if I want to get my ring resized prior to attempting conception or not... I've lost 120 pounds so it's on a chain around my neck but it's not super noticeable. Do I want to avoid the judgment, or welcome it with open arms and enjoy the shit show?

  12. I would wait until you're done having babies unless you're okay with getting it resized twice. My ring still doesn't fit so I need to resize it. I just haven't had a chance

  13. When my oldest was born, I went to the hospital directly after my water broke. I didn’t know much but I knew that.

  14. This thread is terrifying. Good God, I can't believe just how stupid Morgan is.

  15. “Helpful for a girl” is sending me. This freaking gender-obsessed buffoon. It’s a baby. It’s the same shit no matter what genitals they have.

  16. Both daughters used whatever I could find cheap. Someone should tell Birthy girls will still be girls if they are dressed in blue or use a blue car seat

  17. It kind of bothers me that she says Davy is cooped up. Why can't she take him to the playground? Most apartments even have one. Let him ride bikes around the complex even. Why do you need a yard for him? He's at the age where you'd literally still have to be tending to him the entire time he's outside, so how is it different than going to a park or something?

  18. I live in a two bedroom apartment and it's not a big deal to take my kid out. It was a struggle during COVID (not that she ever followed any restrictions). But now it's so easy to go to the library, park, get zoo passes, or go to soft playgrounds.

  19. Even ignoring obvious problems like rape, they understand that every form of birth control still has a chance to fail right? That you can be incredibly safe and still have an accident?

  20. They also can't figure out that sometimes planned and wanted pregnancies have to be terminated for medical reasons

  21. I’m gonna go against the grain here but I won a Kate Spade diaper bag in a raffle and the bougie diaper bags are NICE.

  22. I have a JuJuBe diaper bag that I bought second hand. That backpack is a workhorse. It's been through two kids and still going strong

  23. I am once again asking what are her qualifications to make such determinations of what is sin, and what is not?

  24. Didn't you know? She knows exactly what God wants. Just her. No one else

  25. I actually tried dancing to one song and then adding a different song as the sound but 🤷 I have too much rhythm lol

  26. Something about the Great Baby Grift of ‘22 is wearing on all of us. Whether you believe in god or not, grifting in the name of Jesus feels too morally wrong.

  27. I am just tired of all the pregnancy posts. Like I know that's all they do in life but somehow it seems worse right now.

  28. “My Mom did a wonderful job writing so many chapters…”

  29. I think my four year old could do a better job explaining this book than her. She can't read yet but whatever comes out of her mouth would probably still be better than this drivel

  30. I used to live in Lexington and it's actually an interesting place to live. It's also a big college town because UK is there. The city is more liberal than the rest of the state and there are bars, parks, and plenty of restaurants and entertainment. It's not an amazing city but it's not as bad as the rest of the state.

  31. Why did OOP start using the wrong pronouns when he started talking abt his daughter dropping out?

  32. Because at that time in history, OOP had a son. Saying that, this post is just a way to hate on trans people. I reported it to the mods but who knows if they actually care

  33. Most civilized countries have maternity leave laws that protect a woman's job. You can't just hire another person to replace the person on leave and then lay-off the person on leave when they come back. There are some exceptions like if the whole department is laid-off

  34. That second picture is definitely of a woman. You can tell by the shape of the ribs. Marriage even changed his gender

  35. I'm cis. Can someone tell me how to rebel against God?

  36. Is it rebelling against God if I put my pronouns in my bio even though I follow gender norms? I mean, I am cishet with a very feminine name and dress like a woman but let's normalize pronouns for everyone

  37. This is a perfectly appropriate post for an influencer who focuses being a mom. Her niche has always been single girls/women who are not even thinking about pregnancy until after marriage. I'm totally judging her for not knowing her own demographic

  38. Don't put dermaplast on your vaginally tears wtf.

  39. Actually it's highly recommended and works great. The advice isn't wrong, it's just inappropriate

  40. Yeah, it's super odd to me that they went and filed a police report! I totally agree that it's worded badly and should be updated. The school did clarify and the teacher seems to have taken the advice that it was unclear and fixed that. At that point, what were the parents hoping for out of going to the police?

  41. There was no reason to go to the police except to cause drama or try to call the teacher a pedophile. The school was not doing anything illegal.

  42. I'm a teacher and our school participates in a reading week challenge. We give a big list of fun ways/places to read (under a table, to your dog,, upside down, in the garden) I can't remember if bathtub is specifically listed, but we have received pictures of students reading in the tub -fully clothed of course. I remember one particular picture of a student dressed like a pirate reading in the tub (his ship).

  43. I saw this article posted on a different sub. The kid was most likely expelled because they will to the media and also went to the police about the situation. My husband thinks the parents were correct and I think they have some serious mental health issues to go to the cops over the situation. It was obviously a harmless school assignment that got blown way out of proportion.

  44. I slowly down dropped pumps but once I got down to two pumps a day, my supply vanished.

  45. I am very confused why he would need to stay overnight when it is only half an hour away. Once his classes are over at 9:00, he should be back at home helping you.

  46. It's an hour and a half, so three hours daily. It's a lot of driving but something has to give. He is away from his family way too much right now

  47. We have started closing our kids' doors at night for the same reasons you listed, but also fire safety, based on

  48. I locked my daughter's door at night. Some other people are horrified at that decision but I don't see how it's any different from her being in the crib. I don't want her wandering the house at night

  49. I think OOP needs to lay off the internet for a while. Maybe touch some grass. Parents are used to other kids and normally try to only go to family friendly events. So don't act surprised when you go to a family friendly event and other adults aren't annoyed. If you don't want to be around kids, don't go to a baptism.

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