1. The best thing Hasbro could apply to any Black Series Haslab is good timing!

  2. That was like watching my Mum trying to figure out video calling

  3. I bet you look funny now with just half your mustache

  4. Is that a new Boba at the top left with cloth goods?

  5. When Fable came out I rented it from Blockbuster, I got so engrossed in it, I called in sick for 3 days so I could play it uninterrupted

  6. That looks like her house key hanging off her ear

  7. I hoping for his mum to come in and tell him lunch is ready

  8. Hasbro didn't do this one justice with their promo shots, I was on the fence, now I definitely want to get it

  9. Hunters helmet combined with his pack looks like a Lego version

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