1. Teslas have shitty fit n finish but, very practical, user friendly, and safe. Even better if you gave a garage for charging.

  2. Teslas are also very cheap to maintain. And owners feel a great deal of satisfaction that they aren't using any gas/saving the environment. I think one reason other EV owners don't feel the same way is that the annoyances of the non-Tesla charging network makes those EVs less user-friendly.

  3. Unfortunately you assume a minor is obtaining a weapon from an adult in the house. While that does happen, and those parents should face repercussions, its not the only way people obtain weapons. This also doesn't cover social media threats which can and have been perpetrated by individuals in other States or countries even.

  4. My guess is that in this new DCU The Authority are the main superhero team running things at the start until we eventually see the Justice League come together to show them how to do it right

  5. That would make some sense. Otherwise, I'm having trouble seeing the logic of this plan. Lanterns as a tv show? Booster Gold? Hopefully it's all executed well and builds to something exciting.

  6. None of them. It should be on a rotation with three different groups of states rotating out and in each election.

  7. This is the best plan ,but I think it's a bit complicated to implement because states still have a ton of autonomy to set their own primary dates, and some won't like moving it around or having it be a different day than the GOP primary.

  8. Probably reflective of both the history (women not being provided the time to develop as full-time composers) and the responding sample, which I would guess is mostly male.

  9. I think both, longer and bigger with new engine options and im guessing interiors. Built on the same platform and the same plant as the sienna.

  10. Response why? DC is starting over and will be unproven and untested. If they can get their act together it will be better for marvel.

  11. Well, I could see Feige taking a page from DC and (if he isn't already planning this) allowing off-universe films and tv shows (beyond just What If). It would be a great way to tell a different kind of solo story about one of the OG Avengers, for example.

  12. The definition of consciousness in the article is lacking. The distinction between human and AI consciousness presented is dubious. Claims of AI achieving consciousness is questionnable and AI advancements in various fields remain in development but yes, this is a very exciting time to be alive.

  13. It's hard to engage with this comment because it feels like it was made by ChatGPT.

  14. Or perhaps we overestimate what exactly consciousness is? Are we more than the electric and chemical signals in our brains?

  15. It's interesting to me that the only projects that get heavily review-bombed before release are women-led projects. Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Eternals, and She-Hulk all got review bombed on IMDB several days before release.

  16. Yeah, it's sad. However, I think this is partly a Marvel problem too. Marvel has not done many of these characters right - these are many of their weakest movies or shows. It's a shame because there was absolutely tremendous good will built up for Black Widow, for example.

  17. He seems just fine doing “Knives Out” and “Poker Face,” all of which are amazing.

  18. Johnson's great at comedy and quirky characters. Not a great fit for Star Wars.

  19. I’m of the firm opinion that people just like the cool red room and the red guards. It’s one of the worst things I have ever seen and instantly was the no turning back point for me in that movie. Up until that point I was like. Good feeling bad feeling good feeling bad feeling. Okay. I’m done. What is this nonsense?

  20. Is it just me or is he Unlikeable? I'm a nets fan so I have a bias, but It seems like a lot of other fan bases don't like him.

  21. He's very likeable, but his playing style is not very interesting...on tv. In person, it's hard conceiving how someone so big can move so fluidly.

  22. No, because the power of such a system would lie in the hands of those who are able to craft the items to be voted on and determine what gets put forth for a vote. Therefore, such a system would also have leaders. It's a fantasy to have leader-less groups.

  23. Gonna be honest. It’s the younger generation that has the childhood nostalgia glasses that have somewhat redeemed the prequels. I didn’t like episode 1 or 2 back then and I don’t now. It’s the same generation that has more or less redeemed Spider-Man 3 since they grew up with it.

  24. I agree - from my perspective. But my kids grew up on the sequels and like re-watching them. The characters (especially a female lead and Kylo) are more interesting to them than the cardboard cutouts of the prequels, and the visuals of the sequels are simply superior to the other two series.

  25. Yep. If all the ice on planet earth melted, it'd only be 216 feet...not 480 meters. This is a junk map.

  26. You can prevent a lot of suffering by being careful, responsible, living a healthy lifestyle, and helping others. But ultimately you can't prevent suffering. There will always be accidents, diseases, and bad, bad people. What do you say to the patient with a terminal diagnosis? How can they "prevent suffering" in a meaningful way? They can't prevent their own suffering and they can't prevent the suffering that their loved ones will go through.

  27. It would be pretty incredible if DeSantis didn't get the nomination. He has every bit of momentum and it's not like the Rs are flush with other quality candidates.

  28. Things change quickly in a primary, though. The debates are the first time that most Republicans will take a good luck and DeSantis, and a bomb-thrower like Trump (or someone playing the Chris Christie role) could make mincemeat out of him.

  29. Just tell him. Find a time when he's not preoccupied, or heading out to work, and tell him.

  30. I don't see Zoom being a long-term grower unless they can crack the consumer market. Microsoft has battled them to a standstill with Teams (even though Zoom is better, IMO) in the corporate market.

  31. I watched an interview with him. He said he works on and revisits his melodies a lot. (And let's not forget that many of them are derivative.) Take a good melody from let's say Brahms etc and make variations on it for a week, you will manage to come with something GREAT.

  32. I have to imagine everyone knows at this point but in case you don't, that theme is one of the most blatantly 'inspired' melodies of his, taken from

  33. These two pieces share only very superficial similarities. Even the melodies themselves are quite distinct from one another.

  34. Yep, honestly I could care less about the numbers even though I'm a huge personal finance nerd. Losing $10k on the house, who cares.

  35. Unfortunately, "primary" is a reference to the sexist practice of primogeniture. TikTok told me.

  36. I actually really dislike this viewpoint, and the “for every beautiful woman out there, there is a guy who is tired of her shit” in general. The basic idea is "even the prettiest women can drive their men to cheat."

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