1. One of my son's bad poops. I've never gagged at anything in my life before that or after, but this was a special shit

  2. Once again, disappointing how much talent is wasted by choosing to be an asshole.

  3. I really don't get how Packy made the team, but alright lol

  4. He was the worst of the 5 lefties in spring

  5. Yes, but Woodford was going to be on the roster regardless. His role is a filler

  6. Too early to know. If he's convicted or not cleared quickly, then yes. If he's cleared relatively quick through video evidence (thinking Aaron Donald incident a few years ago), then no

  7. AJ Allmendinger at Bristol fall 2021 was being wrecked as he crossed the line and did his victory interview outside the care center

  8. Nowell has probably been the player of the tournament so it'll be disappointing to have K-State lose should they lose

  9. Dusty May odds of being HC of FAU are going down the longer this tournament goes on

  10. Probably just waiting to actually write a good movie (better movie) rather than just rushing things as usual, which yes, is very un-Sony like, but probably for the best

  11. Saints seem pretty likely at this point. Lions are probably the best team on paper in that division as well

  12. So...Deegan is bad becasue she's not agressive...But once she starts getting agressive...Welp...She's bad?

  13. Almost like she's a woman so she'll never get a fair shake for some

  14. Almost everyone makes excuses for her running midpack in arca and trucks and they keep giving her better equipment and personnel. It's not "muh sexism" it's poor racecraft

  15. It's one thing to know that she's an average driver and probably won't be more than 20th place finisher at her peak in Cup, but another to say "she has no talent"

  16. "Real games" when the ACC only got 1 team in the Elite Eight...

  17. Fox had to sneak their support of Alex Jones in somehow. Have to defeat the keyboard warriors

  18. The parity in college basketball has been trending towards this for years. 2020 was setting up to be like this with Dayton and San Diego State being top 2 seeds. I don't think it'll be a regular occurrence that all 1 seeds will be out this early, but the games and talent differential will continue to shrink

  19. Bubba starting 11th and faster than everyone in group 1 is certainly a massive improvement. Hopefully 23XI made reliability fixes after a couple issues last year tho

  20. Absolutely. Just missing the cutline is fine with me, I think he stands a great chance of getting a very good finish this time.

  21. With Kurt being in a support role, Reddick for road course learning, and his already massive sponsor following, he's setting up for long term success

  22. Watching that team under Kidd as it happened was torture. Easily outclassed by good coaches, managed minutes like players were robots, rarely if ever took any blame for struggles, etc. This dude doesn’t belong anywhere near an NBA head coaching gig, but he’s got the name so here he is.

  23. Again, this is with the benefit of hindsight. He took one of the worst NBA teams and got them to the playoffs in his first season. He's certainly not a ceiling raiser, but he raised the floor significantly during his Bucks tenure. Without Jason Kidd, the Bucks ownership and FO never has championship aspirations because he massively underperformed with that 2018 team. Disappointing? Yes, no argument there. Probably not a great HC? Also true, but he was a good HC for where the Bucks were at that point and was the stepping stone for the team. Dogshit? No.

  24. Saying that the Bucks never would’ve had championship aspirations without Kidd is some all-star level mental gymnastics.

  25. Well yea, if they sucked for an additional 3 years after 2014, then that means they don't keep Giannis most likely. It's not complicated

  26. This is akin to those people who are like "all my exes are crazy". When it's well documented that he was a problem on the last 3 franchises he fucked up, you start losing the benefit of the doubt

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