Standing outside your own home while black

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  1. It’s going to differ for everyone. However everyone body works in a similar way. Your body will burn fat more in areas further from your center. As you get lower there will be less in the extremities so you begin seeing more progress in your torso area.

  2. Belly started to retract slowly and gradually after the 5kg mark, became noticable after the 10kg loss.

  3. Yeah my belly was the last to come so I guess it may be the last to go too! Cries in lbs!

  4. I wish you the best, the advice I always tell people: keep a water bottle always around and sip regularly especially when you're at work or living room; diet is far more important than exercise; and always have a margin for possible errors in your calorie calculations (I take %15 -20 error margin).

  5. When Saudi was forced to abolish slavery in 1962, most tribal families went on and just slit their slaves throats, no consequences.

  6. I thought so! Awful. It’s still happening in Arab countries to date with black Muslims. They are being used as sex slaves and overall domestic slaves! It’s awful!!!

  7. I’ve never warmed to this girl because she gives me unfriendly, miserable and user vibes. She is unnecessarily full of herself and actually just a basic bitch who needs to calm down.

  8. To improve the glow, texture etc. my hair. It’s a cocktail at my local clinic and I actually don’t know what’s in it but it’s not magic :)

  9. That’s what I want to know because she’s been shown before but this makes her look deadbeat asf! Maybe she’s grieving but I don’t remember her and quads brother being together. That boy needs his mom and not his aunty using him for $$$ and screen time! But I agree she’s doing a lovely job!

  10. Right, I don't get this narrative like Garcelle is some big bad bitch that will take anyone down and is quick with the wit. She usually is the one to back down or walk away.

  11. I think she is and more but is equally minding not to play up to racist stereotypes about black women.

  12. I’ve said/thought it all along. THE PHONE. No burglars are gonna give you the opportunity to use your phone, even when they leave. Toss it in the pool. Step on it. Cram it down the disposal. But leaving it at the gate when ya leave??? NOPE. PK absolutely rigged this robbery and I will stand by this until the cows come home. He lies to her about stuff…he’s pretty much admitted that (delayed telling, omitting info). He loves his wife and kids. I don’t doubt that. But for a million dollar payout, I wouldn’t put it past him to hire some shitheads to do this job and not harm his family. And he wouldn’t tell Dorit bc then she would be an accessory when/if it’s discovered it was all a sham. He’s willing to risk it for the biscuit…and the biscuit in this scenario is $1,000,000. Fuck him. I hope he goes to prison for fraud, but he won’t, at least not for this. Unless the insurance company is willing to pay for the deep dive on all of this, we’ll never know. And they won’t. The local police dept won’t do anything, either. No murder, no injuries, case closed.

  13. If this is true then I think I’m future seasons we will see him serving time. If not for this, other things.

  14. I don’t like Rinna but my inner empath truly believes she’s was set up in this episode by VYLE. VYLE kept poking the bear because she was off her ass, bored at the event and wanted something she could be entertained by. She is most definitely not a friend to Dorit because this just wasn’t the place to be a shit stirrer!

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