1. Kid Icarus Uprising. I think Sora and Pit would be great friends and I'd love for Viridi to have trouble telling Pit and Sora apart.

  2. When he sharts in public, he gets media attention. When I do it, I'm asked to leave the baptismal fount. Not fair.

  3. Great pick! I like to get the honey barbecue chicken strip sandwich but with honey butter instead of barbecue...

  4. Magma cubes. They make the nether miserable for me every time.

  5. Had a guildie message someone when applying once, "declining gives me a boner." He got in that key pretty quickly, story goes. Your mileage may vary.

  6. We have a chance actually! Next month, the new game TRON: Identity releases! I'm holding out hope that it gives us another chance.

  7. Youtube Kids is not nearly regulated enough to be considered safe for kids.

  8. Dude lookin like a Kingdom Hearts character

  9. They made them, and wanted them to work. Can't blame them for trying.

  10. How much do 10 eggs cost in US? Can't be more than 1.5$, right?

  11. In my town, 12 eggs is a little over $9.

  12. Could someone explain the reference?

  13. Ah, thank you so much! I'll have to give that a look, I love dwarves.

  14. I want to be a dragon, not an elf. It's why I picked the dragon race. But they fucked this up so badly it feels bad trying to play it. I really hope they'll fix it but honestly I think they're going to try and wait it out until DF ends, then sweep evokers under the rug as much as they can. And it makes me extremely sad.

  15. This looks like the Howling Fjord!

  16. One of my favorite games in the series!

  17. I think it's a cute idea that isn't for everyone. It's got some growing to do and I hope it'll get a bit more of a chance to do that.

  18. So jealous! One day I'll build up the courage to buy one!

  19. I disagree strongly. In-N-Out is really good, but Whataburger reigns supreme.

  20. My friend. Whataburger deserves so much more credit than it gets. When they tested the creamy pepper sauce and it was runny, I was bothered- its never like that when I get it!

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