1. The native Americans have a name for George Washington: Conotocaurius the Town Destroyer.

  2. Donald Trump. He had more people in administration convicted of crimes than even Nixon. Even if you add up all the convicted criminals in all the previous presidential administrations together, Trump still trumps them with the amount of crooks he managed to hire.

  3. It might be hard to imagine, but they are still human and will have just as many individual music preferences as you.

  4. Starships. The goal of the cult is to fund space travel so everyone will have their own starships.

  5. The rumor that the reason why they named the Elsa movie "Frozen" was so that if you try to Google "Walt Disney Frozen", you'll get hits from that popular movie instead of the location of his chamber.

  6. Wow lots of linguistic geniuses here. For me, my first language was baby gibberish.

  7. Barter will take over until people can come to an agreement on another object that can be used to represent money.

  8. Assuming that they don't know our languages, 1812 Overture, with real canon blasts aimed at their ships.

  9. Peloton bikes. Over a thousand dollars to buy a stationary exercise bicycle and you still need to pay a monthly subscription to get the most out of the bike.

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