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  1. That if I didn't want to clean my room and felt my parents were so unfair about it, I could run away from home, walk a mile down the street and find a new family that will adopt me and my cat just by ringing their doorbell and telling them my sob story about the room cleaning injustices that I endured in my previous living conditions.

  2. I was around 13 when it came out. I saw it with my friend and his parents. We had a big fight over whether it should be listed as an action flick or comedy.

  3. When the engines flame out there's a legit scream "I am going to die!" Before snapping out of it and looking around the room. "Oh wait."

  4. Some SOPs say you don't have to actually say it. You just need to ring the doorbell. You have to open the window cuz it's next to the door on the outside.

  5. So what do you do? Rotate when it ‘feels’ right? I would argue a set rotate speed is essential because of differing density altitudes. Soft field is irrelevant here because of the nature of the take off.

  6. When I'm on a soft field I wait for a divot or small bump to launch me into the air. No pitch control necessary. /s

  7. Granted. The walls, floor, and overall frame of the house spontaneously become fireproof. Everything inside: your furniture, clothing, dishes, appliances, and dog trapped inside burn to a crisp. After the remains are extinguished and hauled away you are left with a pristine but very empty house. You mourn the loss of your dog but at least insurance will still cover the rest, assuming you have content insurance.

  8. I meditate to regain my mana before casting Lvl 8 Cock of the Infinite

  9. Or maybe the clock just keeps ticking until the end of your next flight!

  10. Just turn it on, let it move a few feet, then brake check... activate the parking brake, climb out... do some errands, climb back in about a half-hour before it runs out of fuel, and then do a single lap around the pattern. You got yourself several hours logged right there!

  11. Then the initial movement was not for the purpose of flight. In this case, you planned to move the aircraft, then stop, and go shopping. So first movement of the aircraft was not for the purpose of flight. You could only log it once you came back from shopping and then began to move it. Now you could theoretically count it if you started to move the aircraft to go fly, then said "oh crap, I have to run and buy something". But if you set out ahead of time do it this way, then you didn't really first move the aircraft for the purpose of flight.

  12. Then what if I started with a pattern loop, then... Slowed the aircraft to a walking pace, entered a suitably wide runup area, then... Umm... Wedged a big medal pipe between the seat and the rudder pedal, forcing the aircraft to taxi in a circle for a few hours, thus never coming to test after landing.

  13. Had this very debate with my CFI a few months ago. We usually fly in steam gauges, but occasionally I get into a G1000. When I switched it to track up mid-flight, saying, "That's better" he said, "And this is where I jump out." Joking, of course, but he absolutely loves north up, saying when you do cross-country and you're doing your planning, it's always planned north up, thus he feels so much more comfortable if the display is reflecting what he visualizes in his head on the ground when planning.

  14. I always flew the Cirrus and other glass in Track-up, conveniently Boeing is setup the same Track-up. Only if I select Plan, does it show North-Up. Which is great to visualize course of flight, as a plan. Execution is done correctly Track-Up.

  15. Yeah most airliners have "plan mode" in their ND which is north up and helps ensure the plan makes sense and doesn't have loops or back tracks.

  16. Just fly backwards. I don’t see the problem.

  17. Best of all, the Hobbs goes backwards when you do that. You never have to replace the engine again. Dealer did you a big favor.

  18. If you tell me where you got that impressive fake ID, I'll overlook the ice cream sandwiches tucked in your armpits.

  19. I'm just gonna go ahead and say "ew". And by "ew", I mean "Imagine a headset that countless other people have had on their sweaty summertime heads. Now lovingly cup those sweat-covered earphones over your own ears for hours at a time. Add you sweat to theirs. Don't forget the microphone touching all of their lips and then yours. Share and enjoy!"

  20. Yeah... my flight school had the same. It's alright for discovery flights but if you're actually going for a PPL just... you know, spend the dough for your own.

  21. these are all good choices. but driving frank grimes to insanity and death while barely noticing or caring is kinda dark

  22. When he hid the gun where the kids could get it and lied that he’d gotten rid of it.

  23. Always love to hear more new people joining VATSIM. Much of the fun is just having other people to fly with and get sequenced into flight.

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