1. Just saw on my Xbox that civ 6 is coming to game pass tomorrow

  2. You should see him with an iron

  3. Kai Haaskivi is in the indoor soccer HOF because of his time with the Crunch and Force and is in the Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame. He should be in there instead of Lindor

  4. It looks like Tim Kazurinsky dressed like an old guy

  5. I laughed once. At the Tucker Carlson imitation. That's it

  6. That's pretty obviously a Bernie Kosar signature

  7. Wait a minute..... I wasn't sure if the 5 cards were the same every run so my first run I abandoned it. Then I did a second run and completed it. Do you only get one shot at it each daily run? So that abandoned run locked me at zero?

  8. It takes a little bit after the run for the leaderboard to update with your score. If you check immediately afterwards it very often won't show up yet.

  9. i was thinking that but i completed it last night

  10. Haven't those kids suffered enough???

  11. Hey Dwayne someone sent over this script and...

  12. You need to just beat the spire on the first three characters (Ironclad, Silent, Defect).

  13. The super elite is identified by the flames around the elite symbol on the map. If you have not beaten Act 3 with all 3 characters, you will not have access to the super elite yet.

  14. Wild how inconsistent they are on a user by user basis.

  15. On the Xbox look at the top 100 users in Solo battles. I think the top guy has like 17 games completed all week.

  16. Same thing happened to me. It was because I was leaving myself short at a position by putting a player into the set. I had to go buy a 72 ovr player at that position to be able to put the player into the set

  17. They are sketchy AF right now. Wouldn't start a solo battles game even if you can get in

  18. That's where you attach the instructions so you can read about these things instead of asking them here 😉

  19. I just can’t play with a left handed QB. Don’t know why but it always fucks my passing game up…

  20. And no fucking parkour! Perfect

  21. just read this - i think it could be the other territory thing

  22. How are you sure they had no remaining apostles? Did you have shared visibility with them?

  23. i had my scouts and apostles in their territory with my apostles ready to defeat any remaining ones. now that i think about it though they could have had a few in other civs trying to convert them and then brought them back

  24. it's on xbox too and there's no fix. i would prefer if they made the governor assignment to be like the UI when you transfer a hero or great person to another city. pick the governor, then use the map to place them in a city

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