1. I was scrolling to find some California or LA saying and I can’t think of any lol

  2. The only thing I can really say that’s unique about the California dialect is saying freeways instead of highways, and often just referring to them by their route numbers (the 405, the 5, the 101, etc)

  3. I’ve seen Brazil players colonize basically the entire world all while being a democracy multiple times before, I’m sure you probably got lucky.

  4. I literally got a Brazil player to ragequit as Cuba once lmao. Though I will say, the added manpower from starting out as a Communist country definitely helped.

  5. Well MARVEL heals overnight, where as in Transformers, seen is the 4th movie, there is still wreckage everywhere

  6. And by the fifth movie, Chicago devolves into a ruined warzone

  7. Honestly, there are a lot of socio-economic problems that arise from these instances; one of my favorites being how Toho’s Godzilla is always finding a way to stomp through Tokyo.

  8. I’d imagine that the rent in New York would plummet after the events of Avengers.

  9. Yeah, especially if you live in the US or in Australia. You’re surrounded by two oceans and it’s expensive to fly pretty much anywhere outside of the country.

  10. Man, people will really come up with any excuse for their incel lifestyle.

  11. As someone who grew up in Southern California, we had field trips to:

  12. Pretty common in certain metropolitan areas.

  13. Specifically straight, white, cis, able-bodied men who are gainfully employed. I hate inequality and injustice but I run out of fucks to give when people think my life is exponentially easier than theirs and blame all of the their short comings on that. Blame our heartless capitalist shithole society where these things even matter. I have as much control as any one else.

  14. Depends on the region. Mexican dominates the Southwest, California, and Texas, and Italian is the dominant foreign cuisine elsewhere in the lower 48. As a general rule, you’ll also see at least one Chinese and/or Thai restaurant in every town with more than 5,000 people no matter how remote.

  15. Catholics - throw good parties, drink a ton, have big families, and are either highly engaged pro-life activists or are lapsed practitioners who only go to church on Christmas or Easter. lots of guilt involved. usually quite involved with their ethnic identity (Irish, Italian, Mexican, etc.)

  16. Yeah I find it crazy how people think 2016 was the best year in their lives even though terrorism was at an all time high in Europe and far-right populist movements began taking the world by storm.

  17. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: us autistic people don’t want a cure; we just want acceptance.

  18. Pedophilia in the public education system? Never heard of her.

  19. For must-see museums in Southern California, I’d definitely recommend visiting the Broad, Norton Simon, the Petersen Car Museum, the Museum of Man in San Diego, the La Brea Tar Pits, and both Getty Museums (the Westwood and Malibu locations). Some peculiar museums I’d recommend are the Museum of Death in Hollywood and the Museum of Jurassic Technology in West LA.

  20. I’d say generally we do view “Made in Germany” as a seal of quality, especially regarding automobiles. We view German goods as more expensive to buy and maintain but robustly engineered and efficient.

  21. Not that popular at the professional level (though the US women’s soccer team has been receiving a good amount of attention in recent years), but it’s still popular as a high school sport, and a lot of Americans do pay attention to foreign soccer leagues like Bundesliga and the Premier League.

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