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  1. Underrated, undervalued, underused. The three Us of shoosh

  2. The honeymoon phase is over and now WWE has gotten their second wind with Triple H at the helm of the ship. Tony has never had to compete with them at nearly full power. He’s becoming complacent because he isn’t used to it. Look at the buzz difference between both.

  3. Better booking and less stagnant action would help. He has Jake Roberts at his disposal for some booking so he could focus more on the business. Cody should have been helping book all along, quite frankly.

  4. I feel like Tony deals in extremes. Look at how he took over after the controversy surrounding Max Caster’s rap. The worry then was that he was spreading himself too thin. We’re seeing that play out.

  5. Disappointed in all the criticism here. This is a beautiful work. I admire the ability it takes to creat such a work. Title makes you think, maybe even offends in some way - even better.

  6. Let Andrade go. HHH could use him properly I suspect. I want to like him but he does nothing in AEW but backstage segments. Does anyone care about 10 or his mask?

  7. It's not a simple matter of disagreement when you stipulate that I don't know who's on the roster.

  8. Sorry - you missed my joke. Maybe don’t assume something is an insult without asking. The joke - some of the women are on so rarely, one might forget that they work for AEW. There are 28 women. Now, you probably are all knowing but there’s no way o could have listed all 28 women in aew without looking (which I had to do to see that there were 28…unless I miscounted and there are 27). Sorry I miscommunication led but you also jumped to a conclusion and went defensive which, cool for you.

  9. Or you’re entirely too uptight and only read to respond instead of talk.

  10. Yeah, I get nobody could predict the little econ flooding this badly, but from what I’ve heard from other these apartment buildings have had similar problems of flooding in the parking lots in Irma and other tropical storms. I feel like at that point it’s the responsibility of the management to either warn residents or to make some adjustments to the parking lots. I mean, I’m certainly no engineer but would it be possible for the apartments to build some sort of retention pond? Is there already one that needs to be made deeper, or is that not possible with the type of soil? I think people are just upset and find it hard to believe that nothing can be done when it happens again and again y’know?

  11. It’s not really again and again. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, and some places are going to flood. I’m not sure if we’re over on our rain fall, but my biggest concern going into this storm for me was th trees I have and my neighbors have uprooting and falling because it seems like it’s been wet for months. I noticed saturation at my house during one of the first outer bands. Lucky for me, I’m not in a flood zone, but have friends in neighborhoods that knew they’d be flooded completely in by the end of the storm.

  12. Nono, I totally get that suing probably isn’t the best course of action! I just think at this point some residents are like “Ok, well how do we prevent it from getting this bad again, before the next storm hits?”. Like personally I think that yeah, the river rose and we couldn’t really anticipate how bad it was going to be, but now that we know, something has to be done to make sure it’s better in the future. Like I know it was pretty unusual since we had such heavy rain leading up to the hurricane days, which definitely made everything a lot worse flood wise. Now I think it’s just a matter of the apartments, city, etc. taking steps to see how to address it. Idk, does that make any sense?

  13. I hate to suggest a sea wall because I hate destroying nature, but that’s about all I could imagine. They may have to tear that whole place down honestly.

  14. My assumption was that Paige had only recently gotten some surgery done and decided WWE wasn't as exciting an opportunity as AEW, not so much that WWE was trying to protect her from herself. I could be wrong though.

  15. I would have loved Paige vs Damage Control. Not sure how AEW women’s division could be more exciting when it’s barely an afterthought usually, but sometimes the shiny new thing is a lot more interesting. Maybe she’ll make the division feel important.

  16. Now that you mention it, Damage Control very much feels like what Absolution could've been, or was trying to be in a women's division pre-tag titles.

  17. The problem is that TK doesn’t even think of the women, except Britt. Toni Storm felt like a big get, because she can go, but stop putting them in the bathroom break. He has enough women to do a women’s ppv once a year. There’s talent there and a lot of fans want to see more of it. I feel like Athena is being wasted and Ruby Riot too. Every new woman is here for one fight and then disappears.

  18. I think they're (hopefully) building to Wardlow vs. Joe to unify the TV titles.

  19. Every singles match Joe has had since winning the belt has ben for the title

  20. I must be missing them. I like Joe a lot. I just feel like I never see him wrestle (like a lot of other talent). Believe me you, he’s one I want to see more of.

  21. I'll agree with that - I'd say Vader, Bam Bam, and Bossman are my big man holy trinity

  22. I’d put Yoko over Bam Bak but I get it. Boss man was an all time fav too

  23. I don’t think they ever run Orlando, but the 2 hr drive to Jacksonville doesn’t work for me, brother. The good news is that they are there all the time, so I can go if I want. I do think they are priced too high and they hit the same cities way too often.

  24. I wonder if he cast a spell to get his wife to the capital siege and back home safe from the feds?

  25. I did it to protect my garage door but also felt it was away from the trees that might fall

  26. Maybe those fans you're speaking about are concerned about what opportunities she may or may not get. I don't think many Ex-wwe women wrestlers really go on to do more lucrative things than what they did in WWE, so it's a legit concern.

  27. Naomi is married into the Samoan family and rock is an honorary member. Not a big stretch that he might help her out

  28. Isn’t every AEW and WWE about the payday? Maybe TK wants to play with his dollies but every wrestler is there for the money. Vince never did it fit the pure love of wrestling.

  29. Rabid dog style. You could feel the seething hatred he 'has' for Sami

  30. I'd have been thrilled. Been a fan of his since the Smoking Gunns! Dark and Elevation is the only modern wrestling I watch and it always makes me so happy to see Mr. Ass on one of them. That he's involved in a top program that's so much fun is fantastic.

  31. I agree. It’s just so wild that Mr Ass is still doing stuff at 58.

  32. I do and he's full of excuses, strawman arguments to not give the people he hates the credit they're due.

  33. Frankly I'm going to miss Punk more than the Elite.

  34. Yep. I don’t miss them at all. Better show without bucks and omega, for me.

  35. Did you work at Publix? How did you approach women at Publix and somehow make that work?

  36. I just shopped at the one just north of campus and would pretend I didn’t know how to pick out fruit when a cute girl was in the vicinity. Lame move maybe but it worked at the time lol

  37. Met my wife for n OK Cupid when we were both still in college. I’m a guy btw. I met a couple gfs at Publix just off campus. I would agree with above, finding groups for your hobbies might be best and give natural conversation without pressure.

  38. Nothing says “great build” like one video package right before a match for a guy I’ve never heard of before.

  39. Yeah probably for a bit of good PR and also so people maybe stop making up theories if talent x isn’t on the show tomorrow.

  40. With very far exceptions, any talent can disappear from tv for anywhere from 1w to a year with no explanation in AEW, so I wouldn’t worry if someone wasn’t on

  41. Lol you take the one example of a petty CEO that does it, not the thousands that don’t

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