1. The thing is literally just a stick ecig LI battery with a ecig controller. Just buy a 510 tip and a $10 battery

  2. Xelly Ocho is fucking garbage don’t ever compare the 2 also lil xelly did it first so

  3. I don’t even listen to Matt ox 😂🤓 I just hate xelly ocho mf just complain on IG like he don’t have money he is a 🤡 at times

  4. There sure is, and what are you doing about it to help?

  5. Nothing, just complain that you rather comment some slight shit then update a mod.

  6. Cool then those mods you so want will remain that way. Your entitlement shows my guy.

  7. What entitlement, I was simply stating that a lot of mods haven’t been updated. End of story, you took it the wrong way such ass “ so many mod devs are lazy and won’t update they shit” mr “rimfall author”. Are you wearing tattered cloths, have you slept? Do you have a table to eat at?

  8. What is going on in this text who is kanyewestbiggestfan

  9. Digital nas posted that gmail on his IG and said “iMessage this gmail” he also posted a fuck ton of DN dick riders hitting that gmail up. So I did for the meme of it

  10. Not only was the album straight ass but he also posted a Gmail for you to iMessage him.

  11. Probably because a lot of people FOMOed after Michael Saylor saying it is like BTC. Nevertheless, it is a good crypto and passed the test of time

  12. It was very well pulled together, I mean we knew all this stuff but it was quite horrific at the same time to see it all laid out. I got very emotional watching it as the majority of my family have been jabbed so we do indeed have dark days ahead of us. Last time I looked it had almost 2 million views but probably by mainly the unvaxxed. Lots of vaxxed in denial on Twitter.

  13. The hands are from 2 different people, unless he got re-vitiligo that progressed at like an insane rate, then idk?

  14. I'm forever thankful I have therapy p2 and benji the dog downloaded because the leaked versions are genuinely better in my opinion.

  15. Boldy and Gibbs got a fire song produced by mac from around that time period too

  16. Wish they did a project. Hoping we actually get this dilla produced boldy project.

  17. Support just told me “their is not a supervisor on right now” it’s 11 am on a Tuesday.

  18. We need a DaBaby tape produced by Madlib and The Alchemist

  19. I’m never buying another DLC for this game until they release content for escape mode like the consoles have. It’s absurd that they think zombies and a futuristic texture pack is what people want

  20. This, but fr the new devs of the game are fumbling the bag so hard, it’s very sad, Their is so much potential for great content and they just fumble the bag….

  21. probably my second or third fav project by him i feel like this was prime lucki era

  22. 10k can a better van, maybe an older T1n sprinter (before the def kit) and build it out with the other 5k

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