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  1. Is anyone able to help me understand how they were able to record that? Is it monitoring the black hole outside the milky way?

  2. I love space sounds so fucking much. It adds a liveliness to the images. Also they’re creepy as hell.

  3. People may not like to hear this but I'm actually reciting an opinion I heard on the dude's own documentary.

  4. Millennials will always fight to make life as simple as one syllable words.

  5. I'm so surprised that movie studios abuse the shit out of the people that are pretty much serving the only benefit to Disney films. Certainly isn't the writers.

  6. Sir if you don't wanna be told to lose weight, don't try to order food at a liposuction clinic.

  7. He just needed to step on! He almost had it! So frustrating to watch!

  8. Yeah I would have just stepped on. If they made a big fuss which I'm sure they would have, I would just point out that I was literally the only other person that needed to get on and you almost made me late because your stupid ass didn't wanna give it another 2 seconds.

  9. But there was another family right behind him, it looks like. Unless they are carrying luggage for another reason.

  10. Unless they were already super late because of latecomers before them, I think you could have let both in just fine.

  11. That would have been their first fuck up if they didn't.

  12. What do you mean by losing out on your social status? How did you lose your social status

  13. Got alienated out of the house that i moved my best friend into after she decided she was done with me, literally pretends i had nothing to do with her moving into a house with a family that I was closely apart of and she never knew before. Other friends just got too polically charged and got way too judgmental over stupid shit where I just had to stop associating for my own sanity.

  14. I thought you were talking about times when movies said fuck you like metaphorically, in which case I would have said Sunset Boulevard. The movie was a blatant middle finger to hollywood. After the screening while main actor William Holden was being yelled at by a critic, Holden looked at him and went, "you can fuck yourself."

  15. There's Dumb Hamilton, Dumb Burr, Dumb Jefferson, but King George III has been unchanged.

  16. Neither platform says edited at the top. That’s not how reddit works.

  17. Check a web browser, you might be surprised.

  18. That is a web browser. There’s no edited that shows up on any official client for comments. Just an asterisk, which appears only on old reddit, and only if it was edited within a few minutes after posting. Which presumably means you edited your comment shortly after posting it, but not after myself or the other user before me loaded the comments page.

  19. So again, you're making assumptions based on nothing of actual fact. Just gaslighting based on nothing. There's no way for you to see that something was edited, just that I started with "because". Just trying to discredit at all cost.

  20. It's going ok so far. I don't do it to get money or anything. I just really like hypotheticals

  21. Im definitely not doing it for money lol wish I was though. Yeah I love coming up with hypotheticals too. Highly recommend Blake Snyder's book "Save The Cat" if you wanna explore structural storytelling to get your thoughts across.

  22. Wow this song does not go with this at all. Some people will just force bad music down your throat at all cost. Or is that just tiktok?

  23. The Boys, it's physically impossible.

  24. I grew up under the notion if you're trying to punk people, be prepared to get hit. I'm not justifying it, but it's always an option if you're just disrespecting strangers. You don't know the day they've had and your asinine prank may be the straw that broke the camels back.

  25. Oh absolutely! That is a very real problem, when you're just being disrespectful. So it's not to say a prankster can't go too far down the dummy trail where he deserves to be curb stomped. A fart is just something you go "really?" while he's killing himself laughing like the toddler he is, proud knowing you'd never stoop to that level. When you start fighting people over that, you're letting them bring you diwn to the low leveled mind they are.

  26. Even young canadians wouldn't have heard of Albert E. Martin, the homeless man in the then small town of kingston who was sentenced to become maple syrup, made the heartbreaking speech imagining a world where he didn't have to be turned into maple syrup. People cried, he got a standing ovation and prompted the historic change. This is why we now allow homeless to be turned into table syrup.

  27. More people were seen doing things outside of their homes.

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