What happens when one company owns dozens of local news stations

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  1. Instead of slamming her why don't you vote her out?

  2. He's technically right? I mean the planet is fine yeah but it's a hellscape on the surface. Let's just hope he wasn't trying to he serious.

  3. Okay that marketing is enough to get me to look into this

  4. These aren't mutually connected in all cases. An enthusiast may tune/build their car for performance, which in turn makes the car louder. This however does not automatically mean they're gonna rev it loud in neighborhoods or whatever.

  5. Using any form of the word "slam" in an article related to politics should get you banned from journalism.

  6. Drum and bass crowds are by far the most chill, at least in my experience in America.

  7. Touché. Don't really get those out in Utah...

  8. If gravity is doesn't work then the object should be weightless. Seems pretty easy to understand to me

  9. Doesn't help that our breaking news is an absolute joke

  10. Kinda ran him off the road there in at 0:52 ; you pick odd places to attack vs give space.

  11. I was still behind him at the time, even braking to make sure we didn't get into trouble. Kind of ran himself off the road there tbh.

  12. What about my anime window stickers?

  13. Am I the only one who intentionally went after a small S class? I just want a humble exploration vessel.

  14. Oh so we're reposting this again now? Honestly who upvotes and awards this shit...

  15. Kind of disagree. I've been forcefully thrown into a mosh after I've already made it clear that I didn't want to take part. Feel free to call me a little bitch or whatever but that bad experience kind of ruined dubstep bros for me...

  16. Actually defending, like moving to the inside, blocking and everything.

  17. You (assuming GT3 here) have more aero and more car control than they do. Just go around. Better yet, wait for the straight. You'll absolutely gap them there.

  18. Gonna need the side profile of that one cheif.

  19. Honestly looks like he wouldve wound up there even if he braked.

  20. Possibly, maybe like a car length or back though. At the very least, I checked the replay and he wasn't holding his brakes as he rolled back out to the track.

  21. If you look ahead the accident happened as I approached. I had started coasting earlier than normal because of the car up ahead, then began to brake as soon as I could tell he was gonna drift out into the middle of the road...

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