1. Try not to choke when you’re able to use two hands to eat

  2. watch out for hot food, i think i burnt my mouth not being used to it

  3. My girlfriend called me in to rescue her the other day. She was wearing our son and nursing our daughter while pooping when the cat jumped on her shoulder.

  4. i was like whyyy will it make the milk too hot? hahaha

  5. i warm up the wipes with water. my kids won't let anyone wipe them with a cold wipe, warm wipes only.

  6. my son decided my mom was a ray ray and now we all call her ray ray

  7. Fold all my clothes from the past 3 weeks laundry load...n vacuum the rooms n get everything tidy before the new year. Of course..I didn't do a single one !

  8. It sounds like you would do well in data analytics. There are some big data certifications out there and I think a lot of flexibility work wise in what you could choose to pursue career wise. Just another idea to consider.

  9. this is great and you can go work with an agency to build up your experience. i did temp jobs for the first year working with great companies and learning different systems

  10. I'm looking to get into data analytics. Which agency did you work with/temp jobs did you do to get experience?

  11. randstad. they were amazing and i worked with them for years!

  12. wtffffffff is wrong with people. i can't believe that happened and i'm so sorry! i hope your baby is okay! i would go nuclear on someone for that and i'm very chill of a person. but a lifelong issue that is avoidable given to a baby is too far for me. she is selfish

  13. two babies now 4 and 2, bedshared with both and they're both literally beside me as i typed this. made breastfeeding a lot easier. my daughter was in the hospital and we bedshared when she was allowed to start breastfeeding.

  14. did not do it and ignored my family who is very for it. no issues so far and hygiene has been fine.

  15. when i was desperate to get my son to latch, i would have seen anyone. i think you will be fighting an uphill battle but im sure you would get a lot of referral business.

  16. my kids were the same. they both had 1 song that would make them stop crying. my son liked moana how far i'll go and my daughter likes girl like me shakira black eyed peas

  17. my son was like this and he's more friendly now at 4. it took a while but his sister brought him out more to talk to other people. he'll introduce her or be nice to anyone talking and playing with her. now he's friendlier but still a little shy.

  18. has he been checked for PPD? that is not a normal response to taking care of your baby.

  19. crepe place and portuguese restaurant. and real Chinese food but the new hakka place is good

  20. it's called blue chopsticks and is so good! and that's coming from a person who went to one of the first hakka places in rexdale (that's still open and so goood)

  21. We could… but there’s no where to go. Freedom is just owned by Shaw and soon to be Quebecor. What other small carriers are there? Virgin - owned by Bell / Fido - owned by Rogers / Koodo - owned by Telus.

  22. i've been with wind/freedom for over 10 years, i feel like i signed up in 2009 when they were like 6 months into it.

  23. Been with Freedom too since 2012. $30 a month for unlimited talk/text/10GB LTE. Only thing is the coverage is pretty shit outside the city.

  24. since they added the nationwide it's been fine. i'm an hour out of the city and spent lots of time travelling. the roaming packages are great. and if i drop a call once i don't really mind for $40. i just call back haha

  25. Agreed - I feel that headlines in media seem very biased for landlords. This was an investment property? Like it definitely sucks for this dude that his tenant isn't paying rent but like he borrowed money to pay for an investment? Like isn't this one of the risks?

  26. i don't think that's the same situation. she bought the house for her and her daughter to live in. she wasn't buying it to rent it out

  27. my kids seem to do really well at the at home daycare. it's only 6 kids total. my son got sent home once in the year and a half he was there (ages 1-2.5) and i was sick so he probably got it from me. and now my daughter is there and knock on wood she's been fine.

  28. for a second i thought that said toronto and i was sooooo upset i missed it.

  29. this is nuts! i would be pulling my kids immediately and incur whatever costs to find them a safe place. it sounds like any normal daycare will be way more amazing than this place. not helping a child and letting them be held down until they pee is just inexcusable.

  30. yesssssssss sooooo cute!!!! all the internet squishes!!

  31. omg same!! i said to my fiancé, next time i'm bringing baby wipes! i needed them so many times over our weekend without kids. now i have a pack in my purse and my desk at work

  32. it looks just as beautiful as i when i was there years ago

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