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  1. The real question is "why aren't other games Destiny 2?"

  2. I'm glad I'm not the butt of this joke. I know this was a bit of a stretch but if you take it slow it won't be tearable. Lol, butt stuff.

  3. WRONG!! Your answer always starts with W and ends with ?.

  4. The CIA called and said Russia already gave it asylum.

  5. You're welcome. I'm not Russian for jokes, just Stalin for time.

  6. I usually just suck my teeth and say "sup ma?"

  7. Elden Ring is the first Fromsoft game I've played and I don't care about unwritten rules. I'll heal if I want. Okay bye.

  8. Ok and you'll get servered out immediately effectively waisting your time. Congrats. Bye

  9. I don't know what that is so I don't care. Bye again.

  10. Wonder if he wrote them a letter back

  11. I think it's more the facts that A) many guys are not taught how to tell nuance like that, which is a failing of society rather than the guys themselves, and B) many girls are not as good at acting or emoting as they think, because honestly most people are kinda sucky actors because most people haven't had any real acting training.

  12. Swordfish can't seem to take no for an answer.

  13. Nice! My age out was in 02 but I joined the military part way into the 00 season. Did you end up marching anywhere?

  14. No, I made the snare line for Pioneer in 02, but was going to college for Jazz and Classical so I chose to back out and focus on those skills. I did meet some BD guys that were at my grandpa's marine reunion in Orlando. They were in the Marine band. Super nice guys. I've always been a fan.

  15. Very cool! It’s pretty awesome seeing drum corps people randomly in the world lol

  16. Totally. It's like it's own cult. (See what I did there) haha

  17. The Lava Wrym. Those guys live in lava and just want to protect their home. Really just a creature boss. Not good or bad.

  18. You have a neuronal system in your brain called the Reticular Activating System. Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by a single sound? Yeah. That bad boy is awake when you’re asleep to keep you safe. It knows what noises are normal (fan, sound machine, trains, cars, etc). It also knows which sounds are NOT normal and it wakes your ass up to let you know it heard something potentially dangerous.

  19. Not only that but it also filters opinions as well. Ever found yourself really engaged with something you agree with, but skim through or lose track of conversations you don't agree with or aren't interested in? That is your RAS quickly sifting through things it feels aren't important to help streamline brain activity. That is also why it is so hard to overcome polarization with religion, politics, and general every day opinions on the weather.

  20. Yes, lots of tips. But just the tips.

  21. Legend has it Malenia threw a ring into the lake and proclaimed that she would marry whomever found it. Most now believe that the story was a cruel invention of the Servants of Rot. But Gary the Maidenless believed in the tale with all his lonely heart. Gary created a magical talisman to protect him from the rot, and has been wandering its waters searching for the ring ever since.

  22. "Gary, if you get into trouble, give us the signal."

  23. "How to get to Sesame Streeet!" I'm compelled to finish it. Now "IIIII'M SAAIIILINNNNGGG AWAAAAAAYYYYY..."

  24. Oh my god this. I remember using an old school headset with separate quarter inch jacks for the headphones and microphone, and I accidentally switched them. The sound came out of the microphone and I could talk into the headphones and my brain just broke.

  25. It's only compression and rarefaction being transferred across different mediums. Same way vocal chordes compress the air leaving gaps behind the compression that allow our ear drums to vibrate and create those changes in our ears for our brain hole to pick up. Or, think about stop and go traffic on the highway. Cars compress, then free up a bit, then bottleneck and compress. That is similar to sound waves.

  26. I'd like to drive the entire length of The Pacific Coast highway, oh yea bucket list baby

  27. Uhhh, it's pronounced specific coast....pshh foreigners amirite. (This was a joke for those who don't take them)

  28. Dad jokes are essential for a proper upbringing. Even more important after the kids are all groan up.

  29. I cant wait for my kids to be groan up.

  30. EMS for 17 years here. Any street name dispatch screws up repeatedly.

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