1. In all seriousness, I hope TK or SOMEONE gets a handle on this. I’m not a Sammy hater, but twice in such a short time might be cause for termination.

  2. Honest to god, the show is even BETTER on a rewatch. Now that you’re not waiting to see when Coop will really return. But in addition, now that you know where the story is going, you can connect the dots more easily

  3. I’m getting really tired of them going “Could this innocuous thing pass today?”.

  4. I tried guys. I really did. I made it about 38 minutes and just couldn’t go on. Appreciate all the extras and such, but I think I’ll just set this one down. Maybe some other day

  5. Drink heavily before and during.

  6. For the strugglers who watched that "super duper masterpiece" from 2016/2017. How was the voice acting? I am gonna watch the memorial edition but if the dub is better than sub I will watch it in dub :U

  7. No offense to new cast, because I’ve seen them be great in other things, but it was so jarring and felt like a dub with no care. Apparently it was a production that also needed to be rushed. And yes, can confirm Guts does sound like he’s TRYING to be a dark brooding warrior Batman

  8. I was there, a section behind. Trust me, LOTS of people noticed her 😜 I even caught security checking

  9. Link to the original post and a video talking about it in the thread

  10. I’ve been going through the catalog again and I found myself asked “Did they ever end up doing that?” Way to go

  11. That’s the biggest thing. Like dude, just stay home and save money and public ridicule

  12. I wish Ming would stick to his guns more. He just folds and agrees with whatever the boys want if they give even the slightest bit of pushback

  13. Oh i disagree, could you imagine getting 60 year old Henry Rollins involved in WWE 😂 dude’s neck is built Like a tree trunk and he has a mean case of old man strength

  14. I wouldn't believe it, you wanna know why? Cause he's a liar, yeah he's a liar

  15. I was gonna sign up this month just to hear what they were talking about. I've been a Patron off and on since the launch but I literally can't even afford rent this month so even $5 would have been financially irresponsible. What happened?

  16. Literally nothing. They acknowledge the Mike isn’t there, and don’t elaborate any further. Which feels cheap because Walt and Brian Nashel both said to go there to get an update or find out. Walt literally said it would break the internet. What a crock of shit

  17. Mike to me is perfectly summed up in one moment that took places years ago during an episode of ‘I Sell Comics’. It was during Linsanity in New York. If you’re not familiar do yourself a favor and go watch ‘Linsanity’ on Youtube - it’s pretty special. Walt was guesting on the show (or possibly just close by enough to snipe the conversation) and the topic of Linsanity came up and Walt asked Ming what it was. The problem was that it came up during some long drawn out story Mike was telling. When Ming sort of hijacked the convo to explain it Mike kept repeating “you’re stepping on me. You’re stepping on me.” Meaning ‘The far more interesting direction you have taken this conversation is taking mic time away from my nonsense and I don’t like it’.

  18. That is something you’ve been holding in and I absolutely love it haha

  19. It seems, in their rush to finish the arc, they killed him 🫢

  20. Mans really downvoting u for a Star Wars quote lmao

  21. Oof, you never want to be the first person who swings. Always wait for it to then say you defended yourself

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