1. I'm really jealous, in Brazil weed is still illegal, I went to a crackhouse today to get some. Damn, must be nice buying it from a cozy store and have all the infos about what i'm about to smoke in it's package. Looks like a dream 😍

  2. It’s definitely convenient and safer. I remember as a teen buying weed from the toughest turfs in East Oakland California back in the 90’s, so I feel for you in a way. Even though I know East Oakland and Brazil is two totally different places.

  3. How is it ? Fig farms in general and the strain itself

  4. Fig Farms got fire. Quality buds. Smooth smoke and always gets me high. I can’t complain at all

  5. Could you dm a pic of the label with all the info? Thanks.

  6. Sorry. I did see it but didn't realize there were two pics in the post. Thanks.

  7. Thank you for sharing! Your juices look so delicious

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