1. Alright. Stop tanking people Nothing to see here.

  2. Perfection. Honestly, DR. No is one of those movies I don't love.

  3. It's a good Bond movie, there's nothing really wrong with it, but compared to FRWL and Goldfinger it pales. It's better than Diamonds are Forever, but I'd respectfully put it just beneath You Only Live Twice.

  4. O line is the biggest issue. So moderately confident

  5. Nearly as much? How much more than practically a point per game pace on one of the leagues worst teams do you want?

  6. He's scoring at his best rate yet... Wild take.

  7. I came to say nightcrawler. Absolutely a cool dude with a great story and awesome superpower.

  8. question what are chances the FO will be dumb nd if we get top ten n the draft we trade for more draft picks like we did last time IF we dont get draft picks from this trade that im positive will happen

  9. Keep in mind, it seems bystedt was a good choice based on his growth this year. And we got another player.

  10. My worry is that we get a top 4 pick and pass on Michkov/Carlsson for Will Smith or someone.

  11. Carlson makes sense if not bedard since he and bystedt have played together, but I'm always gonna say go with the best talent. I just am not sure who that is after bedard

  12. It always happens when I'm with a friend and I call it. I just say, "hey, well at least I gave that person a story to tell when they get home."

  13. I've got YouTube tv and can't even get them on a sports package. I'd happily pay just for that.

  14. he'd look better in the sharks new reverse retro golden seals jersey.

  15. I love Moore in this, but I'm so down to see this with some deep fakes.

  16. What's the point in a deep fake? I mean surely when you watch one of Dalton's films, you enjoy his take on Bond, his interpretation of the character, the specific choices he made as an actor. Not just seeing his face.

  17. Sure, but his visuals would change the tone. Just a fun thought.

  18. That's a ridiculous comparison. Doctors require way more education and training and if you don't know Dr. is their title that they earn with like seven years of higher education. I'm in Chicago despite union rules non educated, non licensed people get hired to teach in the hood.

  19. I've gone through 8 years of education for 2 credentials and part of a master's. That's very similar to what a doctor goes through. Granted, they pay more for their education by a lot.

  20. Hopefully, we will get some news about this game soon.

  21. I'm still waiting for the Goldeneye remaster. That's gone worryingly quiet.

  22. Yes, but I think that had to do, and this could be a wires crossed moment, but got delayed due to the team working on it being in the Ukraine or affected by that. I could totally be blurring past articles, though.

  23. Me showing this to my wife and laughing and then her asking what I would do.

  24. Giving the pierce brosnan era another chance

  25. Brosnan were the first I got to see in the theater so they hold a place in my heart there. They're extremely cheesy after GoldenEye, but I loved the mix of ridiculous and missed some of the humor in the Craig ones, but I do love the Craig movies other than Spectre (I treat QoS as part 2 of casino Royale and I enjoy it more that way mentally). NTTD was a goodovie and made sense for what they did with Craig. I'm against killing Bond on a fundamental level, but like I hate the word love in a poem, some poems earn the right to use the word and that's how I felt about him dying I NTTD, it made sense for that era.

  26. Definitely, connery is the original and true bond in my eyes. But i love all of them. Moore is my 2nd fav

  27. Right on. I've been a fan since I was a kid. I even got my wife to watch all of the bond movies on our honeymoon. Good times.

  28. He didn't die inside, he just added the videographer to his list.

  29. I think my wife picked this up for me for Christmas for like 30 bucks. That's not bad. I just started it yesterday and I'm enjoying it so far.

  30. It's Barclay Goodrow's jersey and it also includes an 8x11 photo of the game winning OT goal...

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