1. What. Daisho and Tendo, an extremely good team, lose to Suga and Kuroo, a team with a couple of notable weakness, definitely not looking at Suga.

  2. The Season 1 freak quick attack is technically possible to do but even pro players would have trouble pulling it off. The main reason for this is just that Kageyama's accuracy is like a robot, no human could set to exactly the same spot over and over again at their maximum speed, especially from some of the crazy positions Kageyama sets from. So possible, but too risky to use in an actual match.

  3. Should be called for a double. Kageyama has to put a crazy amount of spin on it to make it stop in midair.

  4. Where's my boy futakuchi feel like he should've had an appearance earlier 😭

  5. I'll probably add him in next poll, thanks for the suggestion :)

  6. For me Fukunaga is a better hitter and server, only really losing out on leadership and serve receive, although his receives are still class. For me it's pretty clear who's the better player.

  7. yeah daichi is really just getting the main team bump on all of these polls. i dont even think he should've won the first one, i think you're massively overcorrecting now. daichi is gonna keep winning if u do more of these.

  8. I mean I agree, Daichi should have lost to Lev, but it's still showing I haven't given him a fair chance if reddit thinks he's this good as a player for whatever reason.

  9. I'd definitely go Kageyama. I might become one of the most precise setters in the world , and I'd hope that I'd be a bit better of a communicator than him, as Tobio doesn't really set a high bar. Also I'd get taller and generally more athletic.

  10. I voted for Tanaka+Reon, Kita+Kiryuu, Nakashima+Kindaichi, Maruyama+Oikawa and Iwaizumi+Suna. How many duos are there?

  11. This team would probably go decently far, it's not as catered towards Ushijima as Shiratorizawa, but there are more attacking options around him like Asahi and Kindaichi. I'd say it beats everyone except Inarizaki and Karasuno on a good day and Kamomedai, and likely losing to the hypothetical Ichibayashi and Itachimiya, but who knows.

  12. •The Liberos is not always on and when the Liberos is off you can’t rely on 1 outside hitter to receive a Serve like Miya atsumu,asahi azumane, Aran ojiro bokuto etc

  13. The libero will always be on to receive a serve, only not if injured, you clearly don't know what you're talking about. Ushijima doesn't get into childish competitions as well, and Sakusa showed no displeasure at Bokuto getting kills in the MSBY match.

  14. OP, how did you envision this would play out? Like what would you do when faced with literally the best players in each position and the best coach, what did you think the comments would be.

  15. Ok so imo there are a few problems with this tierlist but I'm going to take what I can get with the various bargains, and I'll be skimping on the coaches because Irihata is a perfectly fine coach and there doesn't seem to be any preparation time where I think Murphy gains value exponentially.

  16. How the hell is Johzenji more consistent than Fukurodani? Can someone who voted Fukurodani explain please?

  17. I think you're overrating his defence a little bit (or underrating Daichi's) but yeah I agree he's a pretty good player. I think he'd start over Tanaka for Karasuno, start over Hanamaki for Seijoh, start over Goshiki for Shiratorizawa, start over Sarukui for Fukurodani and start over Fukunaga for Nekoma. Imo the team that improves the most in this scenario is Seijoh, but Karasuno would be the strongest overall out of these teams.

  18. I think he'd be a much better player. He'd still likely go to Karasuno as he would know the little giant and additionally he'd know Nishinoya was there too. Being on a good team there'd likely be a competent coach who actually tells Hinata what he needs to know, which is get good at receives. I think he'd probably get molded into an outside or opposite hitter, but wouldn't be good enough to start. At Karasuno the story would change significantly, there would be no Kageyama/Hinata fight, therefore no Kageyama/Hinata vs Tsukishima and therefore no discovery of the freak quick. With Hinata probably not starting there wouldn't be much opportunity to develop this freak quick, so the first year of Karasuno would likely be very different, probably losing in the second round to Date Tech and maybe against Wakunan at the Spring High. Karasuno without Hinata starting is likely not as interesting to Nekoma so there's also a chance that they don't get invited to the training camp.

  19. So a team that's going to beat Inarizaki in my opinion would be most effective by playing good defence and waiting out mistakes. There are a couple of versions though and I'll show you what I mean:

  20. Shoji's quirk and Setsune's quirk to make a bunch of arms packed with the power of One for All and then they can split off. Additionally, TestsuTetsu's quirk to reduce damage taken. Twin Impact to increase overall output, the shadow guys quirk I forget the name for stealth and movement, and Search for utility.

  21. Why is Lev above daichi 💀 Also the fact that number 2 isn't kiryu makes me lose braincells did ppl actually read the manga?

  22. Yeah Lev being above Daichi's on me he Daichi got voted in straight away after he got put in, I think that's the first time that's happened. Personally I actually rate Lev above Daichi anyways but clearly reddit thinks differently. Also I'm more of a Hoshiumi #2 guy, with Kiryuu 4th behind Kageyama in 3rd.

  23. Idk i might be too late but maybe i get the 1 in 3000, what have I got to lose.

  24. I went for the weaker option. No one on Karasuno will be as good as Akaashi at controlling Bokuto, but they could easily sub him out for Tanaka when things start going bad, so he doesn't make the team worse. I think if Karasuno got some momentum though they'd be the scariest team in the series if both Bokuto and Hinata were on a roll at the same time.

  25. What's the context of Danny Ric being at Mercedes, qualifying 14th, moving up to 13th while getting fastest lap. Is he normally good but had a grid penalty and a lot of spins/lockups during the race? I'm confused as to how that happened.

  26. Imo we don't really have enough information, we would have to do some scaling to Karasuno vs Nekoma which is a bit dodgy. We can't really base it off the players we see since we don't get too much information about some of them so the only thing I think we have to go off is results.

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